Summer face,Great danger。

He did not retreat,Open gas machine,Rising holiday,Be in the order。
“Rumble”The two are hard together.。
The raging gas wave is tornado,Suffering and holy light interleaving,Like a white source, it is cracking。
This is just a start.。
The two are in the white,Still high-speed entanglement。
I don’t know how long it takes,The ravage of the waves calm down,The white white light has also disappeared。
Within the field。
Summer clothes have also become broken,The corner of the mouth overflows the blood,Gather on the spot,Snake knife。
Opposite him,Little George stands on the ground,There is still white holy light burst。
He looks like a sacred immortality,Impossible。 “it’s finally over。”
He is slightly lower,A sigh,“Even if it is burning holy light,Still lose,Morgan family……God of the gods……I no longer owe you.……”A white holy light,Shot from his body,Let his skin look like a jade general crystal。
Even god wound,It is also repaired in the naked eye.。
Summer face has no war,Instead, more less complex。
Burning holy light……Little George at this moment,In fact, it has been dead.。
“Kill god,The secret of the gods of the gods exceeds your imagination。”
He looked up,Dissolve,“My family hopes that I can enter the core of the Great League,But for so many years,I am just a continuous transformation.,Repeated drug test products。”
“I murdered many people in the dark,but I……Still a chess piece。”
“If you can choose,I am really willing to do only one ordinary person.。” “I want you to guess it.,I become Silvester,It is ready to take it.,This is their plan,I want to borrow your hand,Kill Silvester……Can you tell me?,Does he have killed you?。”
Looking at him in summer,Spit out a word,“Be!”
Xiao Jorge laughs,Disulmaneously relieved,“The Gannan Alliance has created a lot of finished genetic liquids,And there is a kind of poison|Original gene solution,Used to control people like me,If you don’t take it three months,Will be out of control。”
Summer pupil,The heart becomes heavy。
“This time is the same,Planning is not killing you,But to drag you in torque,Make a lot of things,The bigger the better,Even let the whole to twist the way……This will lead to law enforcers,Let you kill you。”
“At the same time, it is also a time for the light.,You can’t get it in China,He can turn your ancient weapon to the sky with another person.。”
Summer is shocked,There is still such a purpose。
“this way,Is to force the door of the long door,The gods of the gods know very early,The person named the ancient sea is not dead.……”“Click。”
The injury on Little Jorget seems to be all repaired.,The body looks smooth crystal。
However, his white cheek is,But like a white porcelain,A crack appeared。
Follow,This crack spread to the whole body。
He is still smiling,Extremely difficult twist,Look at one direction。
“If you can choose,I really want to be an ordinary person.,grandfather、Father、Mother still has my brothers and sisters,without me,The Morgan family is safe.,No one can threaten me.,I hope my death,Can let you put down the unrealistic ambitions……”His voice,Stop。
Whole body cracks。
No sound。
His clothes,His muscles,It has already been burned by Shengguang.。
Chemoon, a piece of ash is drifting。