Sudden,Operating room door is opened,The pediatrician is holding a baby out of his arms,Smile:“Le Yu family。”

“Beautiful sister,it’s here。”
Mu Zi’s honor is listed by the teacher.,Laughing a happy walking。
A doctor called a beautiful sister:“”She smiles,Be careful to hand your child to Muzi。
“Mr. Mu,congratulations,Although the child has prematured a month,But this little guy is very good.,Need to stay in the insulation box for a few days,First observe a few days,It can be discharged without things.。”
“what”Looking carefully, look at your own Muzi,At this time, joy is better than everything:“”Establish an incubator。
“doctor,What is the problem with my son??”
doctor:“”She is too difficult,Senior man in front of me,Even the sound is so good,Even the child’s posture is so handsome,It is her ideal male pottery standard,But this brain is really bad,When did she say that the child has a problem?。
Lu Haoheng and Ou Jingzhen also walked。
Lu Haocheng looked like a child,A face is disappointing:“How to be like a little old。”
Mu Ziyou looked here immediately fried hair,“You only be old,Your whole family,My son is handsome.,I will grow like I have.。”
Mu Zihuu’s tone is like the past, Luke’s Lu Hao Cheng has returned。
now,He is in front of Lu Hao,I can finally pull back a game.,He Mu Zihao is also a child.。
“correct,My wife is okay??”
Mu Ziyou looked at the house,Nor and Lu Haoji more。
Doctor:“Maternal will come out soon,Side cut。”
“Side cut?”
Mu Ziyu has a very painful feeling。
doctor:“”Are you a husband??
I don’t even know this.。
“Mr. Mu,Please come over with me.。”
Mu Ziyi listened,not going,Put the child in the old Ou Jing, who is close to him.,Hook up。
Fortunately, European eyes,Hold your child quickly。
“”The first time I gangled。
“You go,I am waiting for my wife.。”
At this time, I can’t see the Mu Zizi who is safe from my wife.,I don’t think my son is fragrant.。
European:“”He bowed his head and his child,Very clean little face,Red-red,Frowning,Ambitious,Very small,Have not his finger width,Fell asleep,The eyebrow is really like Muzi,Foolish,He is instantly soft into water。
He lifted,I saw Lu Hao Cheng, who had three children.,He already has three children.,Hold him more experience。
Lu Haocheng side,Handsome is full of rejection,“Don’t give me,I am also a big girl on the flower parcele.。”
European,Leaving the doctor。
Lu Haocheng does not accompany Mu Zihao, etc.,“I am going to find blue blue。”
Mu Zi, who cares about my wife,I didn’t pay attention to Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Haicheng came to the ward,Blue Xin is ready for everything。