Array spirit clone has brain pain!

Even outside the maze of strange stars,Li Ming feels his brain hurts。
“Sure enough, the opponent is powerful。。。Unless it’s mental flow,Otherwise the normal peak Daoist will be crazy right now。”
“and!”Li Ming looked at his palm,Faint scales emerge,“If you guessed it right,This maze of strange stars,It is indeed related to the inheritance of the Emperor Dongyu。”
fortunately,Supported by external deities。
Deity and clone,Same out。
The deity’s spirit works,Almost eternal emperor,Combine with each other,Easily withstand the consciousness impact of the white jade altar,Resolve the entanglement of hundreds of thousands of thoughts reincarnation。
But the body of the formation clone,Feathers appeared。
step,Two steps,Three steps。
The edge of the altar,Only ninety-nine steps from the center of the altar。
And every step is very difficult。
Every step,The greater the mental impact of the altar,The movement of one hundred and eight thousand thoughts is more exaggerated。
Like a big net,She keeps tidying up–But he still has to sort out。
Very headache,But can move forward。