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CBA Fujian captain Zhou Qi new contract will expire next stop?
He is the best defensive player in Fujian and one of the most stable players in Fujian.Recently, the contract of Fujian team captain Zhou Qixin and the old club is about to expire.Zhou Qixin’s contract is about to expire. As the captain of the Fujian team, Zhou Qixin has performed well in the CBA in the last three seasons.Last season, he averaged 11 points and 4 per game.7 rebounds and 2.Comprehensive data for 1 assist.What is even more rare is that such data was obtained by him under constant injury and illness.  One week before the start of the season, Zhou Qixin stopped training because of a finger joint injury.After running in the first few games of the season, the injury to the finger joints is finally getting better, but the game is often unexpected. In the Xingxing team’s home game against the Guangdong team this season, Zhou Qixin was knocked down by the opponent player on the layup and the waist was sprained.After that, he must once again experience the slow process of healing state.  But in this case, Zhou Qixin missed only one game throughout the season, the highest appearance rate of the team.This is an almost impossible task for an injured player.That being the case, Zhou Qixin made his first appearance almost every time this season, averaging 34 per game.4 minutes, second only to Lucas and Wang Zhelin.In the home game of the Fujian team against the Chongqing team last season, Zhou Qixin scored 14 points, 8 assists and 8 steals.  Under the invasion of injuries, Zhou Qixin put his emphasis on the defense side.As the best defensive player of the Fujian team, he is always responsible for marking the opponent’s arrow player.Zhou Qixin made many invisible contributions to the Fujian team on the defensive end.In addition to defense, Zhou Qixin also played a key role in the team.Last season, Fujian team home game against Sichuan team, Zhou Qixin actually contributed 10 assists.  In the past two months, Zhou Qixin’s contract with Fujian’s owner will expire at the end of July.As a free agent, Zhou Qixin has attracted the attention of many clubs.According to well-informed sources, there have already been private club contacts with Zhou Qixin.Although Fujian fans hope to keep this captain, where will his next stop be?No one knows.