So when Shen Ruoxi woke up,Seeing that I was disheveled,The dress and skirt are torn,I saw Qin Liang sleeping next to me,Put your hands on yourself,Press yourself,I thought Qin Liang had done it last night。

Qin Liang covers his face,Extremely wronged,If it wasn’t for my steadfast mind last night,Already eaten you,Good now,Wronged,Might as well be crisper last night,It’s okay to eat her,I was misunderstood anyway。
“Shen Ruoxi,Can you tell me something?!I rushed to the Platinum Hotel last night,Rescue you from Ouyang that beast,You don’t thank me,Retribution。”
“I……I……”After Shen Ruoxi drank the medicine last night,Been delirious,Can’t remember anything,But last night Ouyang tried to treat her wrongly,She still remembers this,Before that, Qin Liang warned her,It’s just that she didn’t listen。
“Shit,Have you ever seen anyone who dresses so neatly like me doing that??And yours,Except the clothes are torn,Is there anything wrong。”
Shen Ruoxi was heard by Qin Liang,I looked at Qin Liang’s clothes seriously,Although a little messy,But still neat,And my own is really just the evening dress torn,But my underwear is intact,And I didn’t feel any pain,I heard it hurts the first time。
I seem to really blame Qin Liang。
Chapter Twenty Four Kiss
Although Shen Ruoxi couldn’t remember the following things last night,But I was prescribed by Ouyang,She still remembers quite clearly。
And now I am at home safe and sound,Not succeeded by Ouyang’s beast,Naturally, Qin Liang’s contribution,Should rush into the Platinum Hotel as he said,Saved myself from Ouyang’s claws。
But when I thought that I was so ugly in front of Qin Liang,She can’t wait to find a hole to get in。
“Humph,I do not care,Why didn’t you come earlier last night,I was almost taken advantage of by that bastard Ouyang!It’s all you!It’s all you!”
Shen Ruoxi burst into tears,Slam the quilt,What clothes,All lost to Qin Liang。