I don’t like listening to songs very much,He basically doesn’t know famous singers now,Some songs are familiar,But I don’t know who sang it。

Song aspect,All his knowledge comes from square dancing。
I have some favorite stars in my heart——Those people may not be suitable to be called stars,More suitable to be called a teacher——Those teachers are both moral and artistic,Magnanimous,Taught him a lot,Help him open a door to a new world。
But those teachers and the educational videos made by the teachers,It seems not so convenient to say,Especially when meeting parents。
——Have to admit,There are still some prejudices in this society。
Pondered for a while,Just said:
“I have no other hobbies,Just like reading,For example, a fairy tale novel,The name is——”
I haven’t had time to tell the title of the book,Was interrupted by Ye Wenwen:“amount,Like reading books is a good habit and hobby,But let’s forget about online novels,It’s not convenient to talk about it。You say you like to watch those classic literary works。”
“《Jian Qi Cang Ming》……”
Fang Hao still weakly said the title of the novel he liked。
——From this perspective,I don’t know if he has the talent to be a model,But at least he still has a talent for advertising。
As for the effect,That’s another matter。
Ye Wenwen said:
“You have to say you like watching《Dream of the Red Chamber》、《Three Kingdoms》What,This can give you extra points。Tang Poetry and Song Ci are OK,Those modern masters can also,Modern and contemporary,Not settled in time,Not a classic。”
“But I haven’t seen what you said,If your mother asks me about the details,What should i say?”Fang Hao asked。
Ye Wenwen was taken aback,Said:“Then you still like to read your online novels,It’s less likely to wear。”
During the confession between two people,Fang Hao also got an overview of Ye Wenwen’s mother’s situation。
Ye Wenwen’s father died early,She died when she was in junior high school,When her mother worked in Pengcheng to earn her tuition and living expenses,I met a fellow who has registered permanent residence here,That fellow has been widowed for several years,Got it right,Just married。
That fellow is a dozen years older than her mother,When two people know each other,That fellow has retired,Have a son and a daughter,Are all civil servants,Family conditions are very good。