at the same time,A void energy,At this time,Survived in the other place in the other。

The last smell of the knife is emptied,Casha is also behind this,Open your ownESkill,Pull up and pull。
Kales yourself with the distance of Himir,Casha’s attack is also behind this,Got high addition。
Turn a gun,Under the deterrence of the front,Casha is directly withdrawn,Then, the target is aligned with Akari, Isolated.。
have to say,KnightThe operation is really good,After the Palace is clear, he fly away.。
His first reaction is not a panic,But directly to the output,Kill the hammer of the http://www.rkhvk.cnresidual blood。
rookieEmoy Ji,Even after this,Have a point where he is hopping。
but,Can do this,It is already his limit.。
Included in CasaAOutput,andIGAfter other people’s control and output。
KnightAkari,After a few seconds,The battlefield killed in the road。
Chapter 233 Look down the second bureau
And after this,The group battle between the two sides。
IGI want to continue playing,But the retreat speed of the wine barrel and Himir,Let them have some dusty dust。
A tower,Just after this,DirectIGPush away。
“Wow this waveIGVery driftingaoanThe first hand is very good,IGPositive pulling is also very good。”
Wu Di’s voice sounded in the studio,The zero on the side is to use a touch of smile to put your own expression.,Like waiting for something。
really,next moment。
“but,This wave is best,still isqgCasa!”
Zero mouth squeezed,I don’t want to say it simply.。
He is estimated to be in this game,The palace is more than one of the sandstone who speaks.。
“qgThis wave operation,Let’s talk about the big move in front,Directly avoid the murder,AlsoIGThe victory of the frontwork battle。”
“Back this flashes,It is the exhaustion of his reaction ability and operation.。And he dares to fight the characteristics,Also in this wave operation,I got the best reflection again.。”
These sounds,Also passing the microphone,Ear passing countless audiences。
“This palace is not dare to blow in ten years old powder.。”
“This wave of Palace is really handsome。But this explanation,Is it exposed?。”
“I rely on,Gongbao suction powder sucks to the explanation platform?”
“Suction powder sucks to the explanatory table,This is very strange?Ok is a championshipADaddFMVPOk。”
“Etouse powder is of course not surprising,Look at the explanation of this blow。Hey-hey,I am very comfortable in my heart.。”
“trueiNS,The retreat of flying fairy。”
“You said this,It seems to be oh,Another wave of flying fairy。”
After this wave,IGDouble group directly,The large team has also controlled the canyon after this.。
Know that you can’t competeTOP,After the big team is resurrected,It is directly to the middle road.,Do not letIGGet more。
TOPMiddle Road One Tower,Also after this,quiltIGEveryone directly promoted。
After this, the game time is almost.14minute。 Plating off,The rhythm of the game continues to speed up after this。
15minute,The river is built in the river2V2Small-scale group war。
finally,IGSino-Wilder,Successfully kill the barrel,KnightHave to retreat。