“Susu,Did he know any so-called underworld friends again??Why are you still carrying a gun??real or fake?”

Susu’s words,Dad Bai won’t have any doubts,The point is that this girl has never told a lie,So the credibility is quite high。
“uncle,Really carry a gun,and……And not only has a small gun,And big gun!”
Susu said excitedly。
“Big gun?What do you mean?What is a big gun?”
Dad Bai is confused,He thought this was another weird term invented by young people nowadays……
“Dad,A small gun is a pistol,The big gun is an assault rifle,The kind in the movie,Hehe。”
Bai Tao couldn’t hide his excitement。
“What are you two talking about in broad daylight??Did not wake up?”
Father Bai frowned even more……
“cut,Next is the time to witness the miracle,Dad,You wait,I will invite those friends of mine,Don’t be frightened。”
Bai Tao had finished these few words,Immediately turned around and pulled Susu away!“Hey!You kid!What the hell are you going to do?!”
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Chapter Two Forty Six I tore your mouth
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Father Bai yelled in a hurry,But in a blink of an eye,Bai Tao was already pulling Susu away……
“boss,Are you going to prepare rice for Bai Tao??What does he want to eat?”
A chef walked to Papa Bai’s side and asked。