“Unless Xuan brother can change against the sky,The price has risen in just two or three years, there is a qualification to find Lin girl.!”

“Is it so exaggerated,More than 10 billion?”
NS213Chapter pig brother
Although most people don’t know how strong Lin Tianan is located in the end of Lin Tian’an.,But from his trip team,Lin Jia is absolutely a big family in the magic.。
The asset is at least 10 billion!
Such a big family,Shen Xuan if I want to have something to do with Lin Wei?,No more than ten billion assets,I am afraid that the qualifications of the connection。
Billions,Just really go to the door of the society.!
Also see Shen Xuan’s development prospects,If the foreground is not good,That’s probably the idea of each other.。
“Ten billion is really not much,You don’t look at the other person.!”
“that is,Magic, that is the second super urban ranking in the country,Is there a lot of money??”
“Ten billion is only a beginning.,I want to marry Lin girl,Not enough for five http://www.mobi-x2.cn or six billions。”
Shen Xuan looked at the barrage,I have a bill in my heart.。
Taking Lin Tianana guy’s prejudice,If you don’t break out a career,I am afraid that I can’t see the roots of Lin Hao.。
And this business,It must also be large,But now a little bit,I can’t enter Lin Tian’an’s legacy。
Shen Xuan’s heart is also an angry,Very uncomfortable,Just like a sentence:30 years of Hedong,Thirty years of Hexi,Mocetable boy!
As long as yourself!
There is also a system of help!
There is a special new vegetable!
make money,Refers to the day!
arrive home,Looking at the surrounding environment,Still some sadness,after all,There is still a person!
I watched Lin Wei was taken away.,He did not have a solution,Think,It is really a bit painful!
“Xuan Ge,Let’s do it in the http://www.qdwqy.cn afternoon.?”
Xue Qing looked at Shen Xuan,Ask:“We have to play to play?”
“Yup,If you can’t do it, go to the mountains.?”
Wu Xiu Xiu also put forward suggestions,Ask。
Go out to play?
Shen Xuan listened to these arrangements,All shake,Say:“never mind,I am too lazy to go out.,Just stay at home.!”
“How to,Xuan Ge,You have to learn to cheer up.!”