Bernard looked at the rope tied to himself.,Ask:“Are you going to talk to me like this??”

Three ends and boiler smiled and put him down,Very sincere, I said to him.:“In order to make Mr. Bernard you rest assured,I will tell you about the accurate intelligence of the German,I promise that this intelligence is absolutely credible.,That is the Germans will attack the Soviet Union for the 22nd day of this month.。”
Looking at the three tail of Youfeng so confident,Japan and Germany are all alliances,Bernard believes in his words,Say:“Three tails,According to our intelligence,A GermanVIICSubmarine secret arrived in Japan,The swordfish plan is to understand the purpose of their line.。”
“This is the swordfish plan?”The task given by the system is to understand and destroy after this sword fish plan.,A German submarine to Japan,Why prevent Americans from printed,Americans just want to understand the purpose of this line of submarines,This is certain that there is something else.。
Qi Rui is unlikely to let himself stop and destroy what plan for Americans.,San Yousye is so sincerely this Bernard is still not telling the truth.,Maybe he will know so much。
Since it is known to have a relationship with de sublines,It seems that the rest should be checked.。
“Yes,The Germans are not far away from the Submarine to the Pacific Ocean. We must know what it wants to do.。”Bernard said,
“We also just received this task。”
Qi Rui knows that I can’t ask anything.,Since it is a German submarine,I should be able to find it,Bernard:“I believe what you say,I also hope to cooperate with you in the future.。”
The three ends of the fence ordered to let Bamboo in the cell to send Bernard to the cell,Wained the evening,Sanjou Yufeng let Zhunexin have prepared a table in the office.,He and Bernard also have Kayiwei to get dinner.,
“Mr. Kayiwei,Mr. Bernard,After eating this meal,I will let you leave.,I hope we can become friends later.。”
“You have to put us?”Kaisiwei is something that I can’t believe,
“Yes,I am here again.,Capturing you is not our big Japanese Emperor,It is Germany’s secret police cover,I am your savior.!”
Bernard and Kaywei quickly raised the wine glasses thanked the three ends,Because they all hope that this Japanese is true.。
Santun Youfeng also raised the wine glass to say to Bernard:“Mr. Bernard,I didn’t move the gun ammunition on Athena,I hope you can help me.。”
“What is busy??”
“I hope you can contact the gods as soon as possible.,Tell you by truth,I am mainly waiting for him.!”
“I will not do anything.,I only guarantee that I will not tell Qi Rui you plan.,Can you grab him and see you?。”
Rudely,This devil is really reliable,This is not equal to completely cooperating with Japanese.,Surface or thank you:“Thank you very much for Mr. Bernard!You can pretend that you can pretend that you can pretend that you can pretend.,If you don’t work with this, I can’t forget.,Just take someone to the consulate to catch you.,There is no reason to stop the US consuls!”
Sanjou Yufeng said the note written by Sang Baujard,White paper black word Bernard can’t resist,So I listened to the three tail of Youfeng, it was silent to leave Kay Wei.。
Three tails You Feng is really put Bernard and Kay.,Because this plan command that uses weapons to catch Rui Rui has approved,But this plan will never succeed.,Because there is Li Jia,Now we don’t need to buy weapons from Americans.。
NS721chapter Alone
Save people very simple to complete,But the next task is difficult but is not small.,Swordfish action is just the name of the Americans,Now we have learned that the system is to prevent yourself from presence from German or Japanese.。
Jingsheng Yunzi saw the three ends of the fence.,Ask:“Three tails,Need me to follow him??”
This thing can’t make Zhuneng Yunzi’s participation too deeply,Ritual:“Bamboo training leader is busy with your own things.,If you need, I will inform you.,I will report to the Chief Executive this time.,Less you less your credits。”
“Three tails,That was not what I meant,I just hope that I can arrest the killing action group with you.。”
“This is of course,Bamboo talents,I am going back to Nanjing.,I still need you to take care of and cooperate with you.,They have demand, they will definitely find you.。”
“Three tails will go to Nanjing?”
“Yes,There is also very important thing for intelligence courses, etc.。”
Now, the top priority is to investigate the priest fish plan.,What is the purpose of the German submarine?。
Sanxue Youfeng is the length of the dispatch army intelligence class,Survey this side from the devil should have no problem.,What’s more, there are also Chongqing and Yan’an intelligence assistance。
After five days, I have finally learned that the De submarine has also went to the port.,According to the intelligence of the German, I met a military officer in Japan in Lushun.,Who is it?,What is found?,One point can be determined,That is a few days of submarine will go to Shanghai.。
“Atrial,Rui Rui needed us to understand all the German submarines in Shanghai。”Mingtou said,
“How can Germany submarines appear here??”Sincerely ask,
“This question is good,I also want to know。”Mingtou is also very concerned about this now.
“I understand,I will start to investigate,Is there any clue??”
“Influent information,This German submarine will park Shanghai replenishment,Rui Rui said that this submarine went to Japan.,Then I got it over.,Atrial,This German submarine appears unusual in the far East,We must investigate the purpose of this line。”
Rui Rui is because he is responsible for material distribution,The replenishment of the German needs will definitely ask him to ask him.,So he is a way to get information.。