CBA team domestic player registration ended today, Gong Songlin did not return to Fujian team_1

CBA team domestic player registration ended today, Gong Songlin did not return to Fujian team
Minnan News September 17 Today is the end date of the registration of domestic players of the CBA team. Yesterday, Fujian SBS Men’s Basketball Club General Manager Wu Bolan went to Beijing to deliver the list of domestic players to the Chinese Basketball Association, except for the introduction of defender Sun Weibo from the Xinjiang team.The Fujian team also promoted Wang Zengjie and Huang Yichao from the youth team.Gong Songlin, who left the Zhejiang Men’s Basketball Team, did not return to the Fujian team.  Because Wang Zhelin and Zhao Tailong entered the national hands among registered players, Wu Bolan went to Beijing yesterday to carry out registration procedures for moving players.For this year’s signing, she said: even only one player was introduced, but we are still adequate in staffing.Fan Song’s whereabouts of Gong Songlin, there was still no result yesterday.Wu Bolan said that the registration list on hand does not have Gong Songlin’s name.In an interview with a reporter last night, Gong Songlin was not in a hurry even though the registration deadline was about to come: he still has no results and is still talking.Maybe I will sign at the buzzer.  This season, the most competitive position for the Fujian team is the point guard. In addition to foreign aid Fisher, three domestic players Sun Weibo, Xie Yacai and Jia Junlong will compete for the post, the club also intends to give Jia Junlong more opportunities for exercise.The head coach Prada has not yet determined who will be the first point guard among domestic players.The Fujian team does not lose any domestic opponents. The center has Wang Zhelin, Sun Zhe, the power forward position has NBA stars Harrington, veteran Guo Lei and Li Hang.In addition, the team did not have a bonus pitcher. Zhao Tailong performed well in the national team. Veteran Zhou Qixin and teenager Chen Linjian undertook most of the tasks in the summer warm-up match.The senior team hopes to use this set of goals to hit the playoffs.(Reporter Shi Leilei)