The hub master will say a sentence.,Just just finished,The bear on the side can’t help but。

“juvenile,I have a cousin here to capture millennium milk.,I asked him before.,The effect of milking on the millennium is not big.,now I know,He is definitely wanting to give you。”
Hu Lu Master’s face,Some embarrassment,“I am using it.,Didn’t you see it?,I am applying my apprentice,Also don’t need milled milk。”
Summer smile,Nor points,He is very moving in the heart。
“teacher,I have reached the second phase of the seven shock of the heavens and the earth.。”
“I saw it.。”
Hu Lu Master also smiled,Subsequently what I thought,“correct,They also want to learn world seven heavy shocks,Your theory is better than me.,Let me talk about me.。”
Talk,More than ten thousand husbands immediately sat straight,A grim,Gaze。
Summer natural will not be zeal。
Hugu Master’s biggest wish,That is to spread your refining method.。
Next three days,Summer tutor,The theory of seven-earthquakes,Illuminated。
There is also one hundred and eight actions,Also talked to the bear big and others。
As for them, I can I don’t know.,It is necessary to see personal talent potential.。
Three days later,Summer remained in the summer。
Taking advantage of the magic storm has not been completely weakened,He also wants to enter and cultivate。
This opportunity does not often。
Hugu Master will naturally not stop,But it is still a thousand 咛 咛 咛,Completely regarding the summer as a self-employment。
Time,Summer is divided into ten drops of millennium and ten drop beast,One and send it to the master。
Hu Lun Master said nothing。
Use his words,How to have something to apprentice。
But summer insistence,Then when you turn your head.。
“Wang Wei,Be careful!”
Hu Lu Master looked at the back of the summer,Heart rolling,Eyelids。
he knows,Maybe this time,I have no chance to see my disciple.。
He is an eagle,Definomable will take off,Definct to rise,Definct to leave a legend in this world。
the other side,Summer rush into the magic storm。
He has a feeling,I have the potential to dig。
Take advantage of this great opportunity,He will always integrate the blood of the gods,It is bound to reach a limit。
If there is no accident,He believes that it should be able to impact the third level of the polar road.。
Let the polar road becomes black!
When he rushed in-depth,When the flesh reaches the limit,Not hesitation of the blood of the god。