Think about it,Corporation also learned this feeling。

Tube,Night attack at night,Dragon!
Koi Guangliang Island deer into the,Then bring the door together,After all, here is the hotel in the media,In order to prevent it from being broken by a group of non-unscrupulous reporters,Also, put the door is also locked.,Be awkward。
Qingdao deer is rushing towards the arch,Suddenly heard a lock sound,Shoulder fierce,She also sent a blame similar to the snoring.。
“Why?ate too much?”This is the first reaction of the subject。
The second reaction is how to always feel that this lock is a bit to the edge of the crime.?
“No,I will not eat so much at night.”She said red face。
Do not,Even if you eat so much, it doesn’t matter.,Iron will not get fat。
“I only eat a small cake in a black forest before going to bed.。”
Ok,When I didn’t say anything。
The bureau will continue to start this.,Two people sit on the carpet,Split a chessboard。
Room space is quite narrow,This is also the characteristic of the Japanese hotel,Land price inch,Sound insulation effect,If you are watching the strange movie or doing strange things,The brightest probability of the next door can be understood.。
This hotel has a little better than the sea view.,There are many spaces.,But for two people, it is still a bureau。
Can hear the respiratory sound of each other。
The table on the table also covers the curtain,Also stacked a lot of tissue baggage。 Can only wait for Yue Island to leave,Open the box and inspection。
“Come,Reset,Take the chess of the best to continue。”Yue Island deer rushed。
Chess game is restored to the first few hours,Chiang Island deer to make mistakes,Like reading of reading。
This kind of behavior makes the discipline suddenly remembers the month of the initial and Qingdao deer.,That’s another fight,Save a file,The United States has an ancient law,Now I finally turned to her to read the file.。
Corporation also seriously,Follow the process,Continue to rob。
Two robbery。
Last one。
After the robbery is exhausted,He finally delivered the hidden hidden.,Trust on the road in black chess。
If this is a few hours a few hours,Both sides are on the edge of the cliff,Then this hand is undoubtedly in the speed of the arrow.,And burst out。
But in this competition result has landed,Quiet and relaxed night,This feat is flying in the air, like a butterfly,Leisurely slowly squatting on the chessboard,Like asleep。
It is a robbery on the surface.,But shift from the line of sight,Move to the end,Will find some means on the corner,White chess can climb all the way,Open the second robbery,If successful,It can also live a big piece。
After thinking,Qingdao deer cautiously,The wings of the butterfly in the knife is mediumized as colorful dust。
“All right,you win。”
“Yeah!I won!”Qingdao Deer immediately broke out cheers。
But there is no reaction to the subject,only“State”Applaud,Good expression。
“Hey,Do you react this??I am defeating your woman with power.,As for what is wrong, then, then, it is certainly can’t be considered.,Now this is my real strength.。”Qingdao deer fork,Aple“You stole my victory”Declaration of hard strength。
“Oh,Yes?”Science is supported in bed,Hit a nap。