2015NBA Finals Game 5 in the third quarter: Warriors 73-67 Cavaliers_1

2015NBA Finals Game 5 of the third quarter: Warriors 73-67 Cavaliers
The Warriors ushered in the fifth game with the Cavaliers Finals at home. The Warriors opened the score to 73-67 with a wave of 10-2 offensive before the end of the third quarter.James scored 24 points, 12 rebounds and 9 assists in the third quarter, but only 1 of 6 shots in the third quarter.Curry sent the Warriors 20 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists.Zhan Huang led the single-core team to play three quarters. After 4 minutes and a half in the first quarter, the Cavaliers replaced Mozgov with JR-Smith and continued to face up with the Warriors to a small lineup.JR scored four three-pointers in the half to further strengthen the Cavaliers’ determination. In the third quarter, the Cavaliers opened the lineup with JR replacing Mozgov.  In the third quarter, the Warriors first attacked Curry into a jumper.Curry then drove away Della to form a layup, but Curry missed a layup in the mid-air twist.Della boosted his confidence and turned into an offensive and decisive three-pointer.However, in the confrontation between the two sides, Della was judged to be a violation of the law when he attacked Curry; after James’ pass was intercepted by Iguodala, Della was forced to foul in the frontcourt and was already a 3 foul.  Tristan Thompson grabbed a total of 24 offensive rebounds in the first four games of the finals, second only to O’Neal and Rodman in the history of the finals in the last 30 years.He grabbed two offensive rebounds in the first half of this battle. After 5 minutes and a half in the third quarter, Tristan Thompson gave a domineering rebound performance-Della missed a long shot, Tristan-Thompson grabbed three rebounds and grabbed a rebound and picked up the ball.  The Warriors’ Thompson also responded-after Klay Thompson made a three-pointer against Jones, the two sides scored 63.But within 50 seconds after that, Clay Thompson fouled continuously and four offenses were forced to end.  After losing 4 consecutive shots, James shot to the layup and finally scored.Curry, who also lost four consecutive shots, quickly returned a three-pointer.James blocked the ball after a strong attack, but Tristan Thompson failed to complete the attack under the pinch, and the Cavaliers violated for 24 seconds.Turning into a Warriors attack, Curry scored a goal to help Iguodala score a three-pointer.  The trend of the game diverged, and Tristan Thompson scored a difficult penalty for the Cavaliers, but only made 2 of 4 free throws.Barbosa threw the ball to consolidate the Warriors’ leading advantage.Before the end of the third quarter, Mozgov returned to play, but as soon as he played, he was fouled by Barbosa. Barbosa made two free throws and the Warriors ended the third quarter 73-67.(Sky fire)