Qin Liang is happy thinking about it,In the future, there will be a little cutie next to me。

“Ok,The four of you rest here,Your master sister and I went to find something to eat。”
Qin Liang stood up while speaking,Ready to leave with Yanzi。
“Brother-in-law!You’re gone, what do you do if the wolf comes?”
See Qin Liang going,Shen Ruoxue is in a hurry,Yelled out immediately,I even forgot Qin Liang’s instructions,Habitually called his brother-in-law again。
“Ha ha,It’s okay,The wolf is here and Liu Xiaoyun is here,Didn’t she say that she will protect you。”
Qin Liang teased,Turned around and signaled the swallow to go with him。
Liu Xiaoyun looked awkwardly at the three friends next to him,Don’t know what to say,I said the bold words myself,So now I have to swallow this bitter fruit myself。
Walk to the creek,Watching the slowly flowing stream and the quiet and beautiful scenery on both sides,Qin Liang couldn’t help but admire。
Swallow took off his shoes,Rolled up the trouser legs,Down into the stream,Holding up the cool water,Washed my face。
Qin Liang looked at her silently,I seem to see that innocent, cute and stubborn little girl years ago。
“What are you doing?I have words on my face?”
Swallow wiped the water on his face,Raise your head,I saw Qin Liangzheng watching him attentively,So curiously asked。