“Thank you Elder Huang,Feel ok,only……”

The other party knows that it is a psychic thing,Don’t care:“It’s ok,I believe that it’s easy for the students who are the first in the assessment to get psionics。”
“Thank you elder auspicious words。”
“Nothing,I can be mentioned by my name in the future,Or just come and find me。”
Come out from the Ju Lingchang,I still have lingering fears about what happened just now,It’s really tempting,No wonder Senior Sister Ruolin said this,Eyes shine。
“Long brother。”
Xia Chenglong is still aftertaste,Zhang Shengyi shouted carefully。
Turn head,I saw the little green snake in the other’s arms showing his small eyes from the placket of his chest,Spit out letters,Seems extremely excited。
“Put it out,See what happens?”
The inner courtyard regulations do not stipulate that small pets are not allowed,Naturally no problem。
Zhang Shengyi nodded,Put the little green snake on the ground when you are sure no one is paying attention。
I saw Little Green Snake glanced back at the master,Quickly wipe into the guardian river of the gathering spirit formation。
There are things it likes?