In fact, even if Lily is from“Samoun”,Will have this no potential,Nothing to fight,Almost no。

Like Bell,This kind of Meng Xin wants to join a better genus,Generally, it is very difficult。
And if your luck is good,Find a deseriality。
If you are not lucky,Join a similar“Samoun”God’s genus,It is just from a fire pit.,Tour another fire pitbeat。
finally,Night is still giving Lily to go back。
no way,Lily has been licking in Eulali,Want to do other jobs,It is not so simple to estimate。
Back home,The whole process of Herssea is a face.。
Because the night is actually taken a girl home.,Hersse is aware of the crisis。
Lily is also quite awkward,I don’t know how to explain it in place.。
But she finally understood,Why do you say before the night?,God is a very troublesome creature.。
The reason why Hersse is hostile Lily is simple.,Simple is just worried Lily,Will take her night。
Explain a lily encounter in the night,And under the lobbying of Night and Bell,Herssea promised to accept Lili。
Bell after listening to Lili’s encounter,Also quite sympathy。
He also just came to Eulali,It’s still better to be Hespea.,Otherwise add other unreliable genus,The ending is not necessarily like now。
“Thanservisia,I will work hard.,Will not let you down。”
Can join new genus,And also together with the night,Lily said very happy。
After the night and Bell rushed out of the room,Herssea began to re-give Lily Enhui。
Whether you accept the gods,In fact, the adventurers’ ability,Not changed。
This is the same as Lily’s ability.,In addition to the original proficiency is emptied,Other capabilities have not changed。
Lily has two skills,A name called“Behind the scenes”,Can increase Lily’s weight。
The other is called“Cinderella”Magic,Ability to change your shape,Change any one,Sound and gender。
certainly,The strength can’t imitate,But the momentum can fully imitate。
“Although there is no potential of adventurers,But as a rear,Is indeed quite good?。”Herssea objective evaluation。
“First of all, Lily, you join my genus.,But we are still three chapters of the first law.。”
Lily is sitting straight,Ready to listen to the teachings of our new gods。
“The first is the first point,It is also the most important point。”Herssia reached out a forefinger,Strengthen tone,Repeated emphasis。
Lily:Um,Uh-huh,Look seriousjpg
“That is Li Li, absolutely can’t shout to the night.。”
Lily fell directly,A majestic teachings?Why can’t you shoot a big person?
“Lily is just grateful to everyone.,People like Lily,How to match the night?。”
Cannot be denyed,Night gang Lily so much,Lily said that he didn’t give him love.,That is impossible。
But Lily is very clear,Night is just to take her as a sister care。
As for two other points,Lily is also in the madness,I promised the requirements of Herssea。
I won’t say that two points.,In fact, the author is too lazy to think。
“it is good,Lily, I really didn’t miss you.,You look at Bell, which is more than stayed.。”
Herssia see Lily so good,Suddenly show smile,Take lily’s shoulders,A pair of optimistic she looks。
“Since this,Lily,I still have a daunting task to give you。
That is when you are around the night.,To help me,Those who don’t want to be close to the night。