Tu Wenhe’s face isn’t much better。

indeed,This is even more unpleasant than being killed by the Dragon!
Tianshalong,Become the Dragon http://www.guang618.cn of Bright Hope,This is http://www.51lvgu.cn equivalent to a successful person,Is Zhu Minglang!
Zhu Minglang became a king-level dragon shepherd,Far surpassing him, the so-called country hunter!
As for the ones headed by Su Tai,Scolding Zhu Minglang is useless,They are dumbfounded,I want to bite my tongue and kill myself on the spot……
They were insulting a dragon shepherd who has a dragon king!
They still have a chance,There is no hope at all now!
Why did it become like this!!
Tianshalong,Why become a dragon!!
First336chapter Venerable King
“so,We don’t have to die??”Hao Ye said。
For the residents of Runyu City,This is the key!
Can survive this catastrophe!
Because someone tamed the dragon king who was about to ascend,Even though Runyu City was burnt down by the fire,But which baptism of war didn’t make Runyu City completely different?,Now it is the best result。
At least http://www.2brokemoms.cn shelter from wind and rain,At least one piece of land can be inhabited。
“Although the Tianshalong made this place before surrendering to me,But I still say sorry to the residents of Runyu City,from now on,Runyu City will be quiet,Will definitely be revived,Because I am your protector,I swear in the name of wishing bright,Never let any army trample on this pure land,If there is an offender,I will let him bear the wrath of the Dragon King!”I wish Minglang warm up to those newspaper groups,The people who survived said。
When hunting the evil star dragon,Most of the residents were driven out of the city。
But when the fire falls,They hid back into the city,Because there is no sense of security outside the city。