Jiang Fan said with a smile:“I’m looking for old wrinkles on the farm now,This guy is not here,Went to beijing,Rushing back,The old minister won’t let me go,He is going to the kitchen,Come here。”

Peng Changyi deliberately said:“There are such good things?Haha,it is good。But I have a problem with the old comrade,I went to him yesterday for a long time and didn’t want to leave,But he just didn’t say to keep me for dinner,See the provincial leaders here today,The leaders of the province have to eat,It’s too non-discriminatory!”
“Haha,All right,Don’t be hypocritical,No provincial leaders here,You didn’t give me a high chair。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“it is good,I won’t go home,Go straight there。”
Jiang Fan recently did a great job for Zou Zijie,That is to apply for Zou Zijie in the province every year5010,000 yuan of research funding,Used for seed selection and breeding。
last month,The leader of a country across the equator in eastern Africa came to visit,Seek cooperation projects in the agricultural field。This country has“Plateau Water Town”Called,Once called by former British Prime Minister Churchill“The Pearl of Africa”,Rich in mineral resources,Weak economic foundation,Single structure,It is one of the least developed countries in the world announced by the United Nations。Agriculture is the industry with the most employment in the country,But productivity lags behind,Need to introduce advanced agricultural production technology and equipment,To increase agricultural output and production efficiency。The government of this country wants to pass socio-economic reforms,To develop from a low-income agricultural country to a middle-income prosperous country,and so,Increased cooperation with friendly countries。
Jiang Fan’s classmate Xue Yang’s uncle,A copper mining enterprise was invested and built in this country ten years ago,Become the largest mining company in that country,This time the leader of this country visited,Which is also the result of Uncle Xue Yang’s mediation,People,Xue Yang’s uncle was among them。
Jingzhou Province as a major agricultural province,Governor Yuan Jincheng was invited by the Ministry of Agriculture,Attended the forum。
When the head goes,Jiang Fan recommended Zou Zijie to Yuan Jincheng,Let Zou Zijie accompany the governor to the discussion,And produced a brochure overnight,Introduce Zou Zijie’s position and achievements in maize breeding,Ding Yi wrote in his early years《Chasing the sun》Also in the brochure。Zou Zijie also became the only corn breeding expert at this symposium,The only non-government official。his appearance,Obviously on the right way,Attracted the attention of African leaders,The leaders of this country are very interested in Zou Zijie’s achievements in corn breeding.,He broke the rules the next day,Come to visit Zou Zijie’s experimental field in Langzhu City。
Came to the test field,The prime minister of this African country saw a corn ear as big as a small cannonball,He was so happy,Keep holding Zou Zijie and taking pictures in front of the big corn、group photo。Place a letter of appointment now,Invite Zou Zijie to serve as agricultural consultant in their country。
After the visit,International friends left first。The leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture did not leave,He became interested in Zou Zijie。I visited several experimental fields in Zou Zijie。
Zou Zijie,It’s been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture,The leaders also know about his major breakthroughs and achievements in the corn breeding industry,I just don’t know how difficult he is doing breeding,Completely at your own expense,Don’t even understand the basics of market operations,In such a difficult situation,Zou Zijie’s achievements,Are far more significant than the breeding experts supported by those countries,So now it is proposed that the Ministry of Agriculture should allocate special funds for him,Funded him to do breeding research work。
The honest Zou Zijie quickly told the leader,It’s not at a loss,And said that the newsletter was a report from seven or eight years ago,He is now self-sufficient。
At this moment,Assistant to the Governor who accompanied African friends to visit、Jiang Fan, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, approached the leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture,Whispered:“His self-sufficiency is limited to buckling Nan Fan’s Gail,The expenses in life are his monthly salary。”
Don’t know,Zou Zijie heard this,What did you just say,Was stabbed secretly by Jiang Fan。
The leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture looked at Zou Zijie,Say:“Lao Zou,Sorry,It’s because our work is not in place,Not enough for a heavyweight expert like you。I can do it after I go back to earmark you,But I have a condition,You send me more than two varieties every year,The variety I am talking about is a variety that has passed national and provincial audits,And make a breakthrough on the original basis,Can you do it?”
Zou Zijie laughed when he heard it,He said:“The leader treats me too preferentially,I now have more than ten varieties waiting for national and provincial approval,And not duplicate,Have their own characteristics。”
“Why don’t you participate in the review?”Asked the head of the Ministry of Agriculture。
Zou Zijie smiled,Said:“There were five national varieties reported in our province last year,I accounted for three,Not to mention the provincial ones,I’m sorry to take it out again,It’s all yours,No one else’s job?”