Jiang Fan can’t help it,Had to pass him the driver’s license,He has a flashlight,Leave and close,Chong Jiangfan saluted,Said nervously:“Sorry Secretary Jiang,I……”

Jiang Fan waved at him,Try to make your voice amiable,Said:“You’re welcome,It is my fault,Ran the red light,Trouble you。”
The traffic police heard the secretary say this,So I didn’t know what to say。He commanded again,Made a let-off gesture。
Do not know why,Jiang Fan didn’t drive forward,But just turn around,Return。
The traffic police looked at his back,I couldn’t help but wipe the sweat and rain off my forehead,Sigh secretly,Fortunately, I didn’t make any irregular actions,Otherwise, your job will be destroyed。
Why did Jiang Fan drive back the same way??Very simple,He went back to Ding Yi,He said,tonight,Can’t be so cheap for you,I am angry,You are sleeping peacefully by yourself,No doors。
Thinking so,He drove the car quickly,on the road,Honking the horn almost all the way,Finally drove along Baiyang Avenue into the old courtyard of the Ding family。
He got out of the car,Can’t care about playing umbrella,Umbrellas were prepared for a long time in the car,But when Ding went there, he didn’t get up and gave her an umbrella,I don’t even remember it when I get off the car.。
Stride into the alley,The rain is getting heavier,There seems to be rain in the shoes under my feet,Jiang Fan can’t care,Walk quickly to the gate,Standing downstairs,Take out the key,Opened the door and went in。Speaking of,This is the first time he opened the door with a new key。
Entered the courtyard,He found that the curtains of the North House were closed tightly,He came to the door of the house,Opened the door with the key again,When he enters,Did not see Ding Yi,I only saw Ding Yi’s wet clothes off the chair。
He listened to the voice upstairs,Know that Ding Yi is taking a bath,He didn’t go up immediately,But sitting on that old leather sofa,Waiting silently for her to come downstairs。
At this moment,Just heard from the bathroom upstairs“Damn”Bang,Subsequently,Is the sound of falling to the ground,With the sound of things scattered……
First53chapter I am your husband!
After hearing the noise,Jiang Fan immediately stood up from the sofa,He felt Ding Yi fell,He thought of her foot injury,Just want to step upstairs,Then I heard Ding Yi shout:“Damn,Hurt me so much,Jiang Fan——You bastard,I hate you,I hate you so much,You bastard,Big bastard,Woo……”
Curse last,She actually cried,Then I heard“Kang Dang”Bang,She threw something out,And then,Again“Kang Dang”Bang……
Jiang Fan, who was still worried about her,I will hear her scolding myself,Jiang Fan laughed instead,My heart said I should not fall hard,If you fall heavily,I don’t have the strength to swear。He smiled badly,Then sat back on the sofa,Cocked Erlang Legs,You Zai Zai,He wants to listen,What else can he scold himself。
After a while,I heard Ding Yi walking out of the bathroom,She sobbed,While walking downstairs,To the turn of the stairs,Still muttering:Bastard,You bully bastard……