“Talked for a few years?”
“Ha ha,We are not short,For several years,It started with the TV station。”
“Are there many suitors??”
Yajuan said“You will also have many,Those admired,Unfamous,All here。TV is the best platform for marriage。”
“Haha,Unexpectedly the TV has this function?”
“Of course there is?Not only this function,There are many more,It depends on how you did it。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“How did Sister Yajuan meet her boyfriend for the first time??”
“This one,I’ve forgotten it all,It seemed like a dance party,Anyway, I fell in love with him the first time I saw him,I feel that this is the man in my mind,mature,steady,knowledgeable,Conserved,Those little boys can’t compare with Ben。”
Ding Yi found that Yajuan’s eyes were full of worship and happiness。
“Then why are you still not getting married?”
“Hey,I want to knot too,But he always said that the conditions are still immature。”
Ding Yi knows that Yajuan is thirty years old this year,I will miss the best age without getting married。The person who can keep her waiting for so long must be a very good man,Just think of it:“I guess this person,Apart from the advantages you mentioned,I must have a successful career,And the kind of people who are especially considerate of women,Otherwise, Sister Yajuan won’t wait so long?”