“Sister Yao!”

The crying female assistant,Suddenly raised his head:“Shall we hire a detective??Find out who is coming,Fortunately, innocent people like us!”
“I have no opinion!”
The remaining two assistants are equally angry.。
This confused He Yao。
If someone is acting,Isn’t that too good??
First906chapter Get out,Detective Xiaohuan!(Four shifts)
Tang Yuan’s birthday banquet,Put it in his house。
Tang Yuan became famous long ago,At that time he bought some good real estate。
For example, this house where he often lives,To be precise, it is a Siheyuan。
The area is really three in and three out,Enough500Multiple square meters。
At least the value is3Over 100 million,And there is absolutely no one to sell。
Entertain friends in such a place,That’s definitely a face。
He actually wanted to cook in a restaurant outside,So everyone is more comfortable。