Moon、Pity can not be“Noise”interference,A mood of the mood,Especially invitation month,“Might forget”under,Is a cold information processing machine!

Chapter 756 I am ready to make him up.
Nan Shaolin is now“Sin”,Naturally, you can’t have a secret.,If there is a rivers and lakes,Self-disciples have a reminder——Before the beginning of June,Shaolin does not receive foreign visits。
However, the Chu Deiren got a Jiulu Mountain all the way.,Shaving a shaving along the haired head along the way“Look”Clear,But there is no one to find him.!
The love of Xian Xia novels that Chu Deiren seen、Different,《Ming Yucheng》This different can,Non-but not explore things such as consciousness,Instead, it is thorough convergence、Make itself“Quiet”,Come to accept foreign disturbances、Or information。
As for the murder lock,More must be ringable,At the same time, it will not be able to surprise the gas machine sensitive to others.——This is also what Chu Dee dares to be suspected of sweeping the floor.,Still dare to explore the bottom gas……
“what?”Saxuo,Go to the west、About two miles,A cave,There is a serious injury inside!
First discovered,Chu Deirers are still dead。
This is a serious injury,Chu Deirers are very familiar——《Yuan Turtle》!One of the secrets of the new cloudflow……
When the Liu Shengwei drifting is under serious injury,by《Yuan Turtle》suspended animation,Compared to below,This person is more powerful than Liu Shengfu,And cultivation《Yuan Turtle》Length longer,The body has already had a Yuan Taojin nooder,At this time, in the scams,Slow nourish itself,Even if you put it regardless of,There are also 50% of them.。
Chu Deman discovered,Footstep,I have rushed to the west……
More skilled than Liu Sheng《Yuan Turtle》,This person’s identity is no longer known。
Military road,Chu Deirers shredded,Directize the thorn weed、Chu Deirers come to a small blessing to install two people cave,Sure enough, there is a nightclockwear shadow.,Chu Deiren opened his mask,It is Liu Sheng, but Malaysia!
At this time, Liu Sheng, but the body function,Almost stop,Displace personal discovery,It is possible to buried directly。
Curious Liu Sheng, what is the horse?、Who is hurting him?,So the Chu Deirens put his straight sword、The short blade is all down.,Throw it on the side,Use six different methods,Seal the acupuncture road,Then put it into a disk to sit.,Helping it。
Try Kung Fu,Liu Sheng, but the face of the horse,No longer the face of the dead body,Half time,Liu Sheng but horses。
Only the instinct of Dongzong,Various instinctures when crushing normal people,Do your best to put it as a coma,Moving,Surprisingly knowledge of the surrounding state。
If someone is waiting next to work,After that, face his thunder,Especially find that your sword is gone.、Several points have been made,Liu Sheng, but the horse is more nervous。
Heavy hearts,How should I don’t make the other party alert?,Flush……
But with this,Chu Demen stopped the work directly,Cold channel:“Wake up, don’t fain。”
Liu Sheng, but the horse is full of eyes,Found that it is a Chu Deiren,Can’t help but“unlucky”——How is this guy??
I have no good thing to encounter him.……
Recently your own fare,Really so heavy?
Liu Sheng, but the horse is not surprised.,Chu Deirers know that he is alive——After all, the daughter is anti-water.!
Liu Sheng has been sent to Liu Sheng, but Malaysia,Inform him that he doesn’t want to do it again.,He is still alive,Have already told“elder sister”,do not wish“elder sister”Sense,Also mentioned that other secrets did not say,I hope that I will bother her again.。
“It turned out to be Chuzanese,have not seen you for a long time。”Liu Sheng, but the horse has been pulling his face,Then the expression is slightly relaxed.:“Is she ok??”
“Ah,Why will Mr. Liu Sheng?,When will you care about these?。”The Made Terrand, the deer people,Clearly illustrated the unnatural place of his face。
The Chu Deirers are also celebrated,I am in front of the month……It seems that there is no lying.?
“Chuzanese is also to deal with South Shaolin,We can join hands,Zhengzheng and us Dongpu……And the Raolong Villa,There is no fundamental conflict of interest。”Liu Sheng said directly。
Liu Sheng flutters in the final letter,Tell Liu Sheng but horse,She will not disclose the connection between the new coverage and the ruling mountain,The premise is that God is not targeting her。
But this is Liu Sheng, but the horse is fundamentally.……
The fact also proves,Monofather,Don’t believe it, it is right.!
No inverted undercover,It is already the last holiday of Liu Sheng。
Liu Sheng, but Malaysia and Shenhou,I feel that Murong Fu is not very credible.,After all, Chu Deirers have private and their faces.,Is Liu Shengwei,Who knows that Liu Sheng is free to have an anti-water??
For this reason this time the south,The Renong Villa also sent a yellow-characterized Murong,Will observe the relationship between the two,and……As long as the Chu Dee dares to go to Lin’an, Yunli County,They will arrange a big,Do you have proved that Murong Fu is credible?。
certainly,Accident counting in these back,It does not affect the face of South Shaolin,Team temporarily cooperate with Chu Deirers!
Especially now the life is in the hands of people.,Even if I don’t really work,Liu Sheng, but the horse is also ambiguous。