But when I came out of the mountain,She also saw the figure of the person,Is a thin and tall man。

Twenty-five-year-old,I looked at her in a pair of eyes filled with gloomy.。
Two secrets,She very doubts the goal of the other party。
But she is very inspiration now.,I don’t want to think about those messy things.。
She went to the studio next door,Put your nearest inspiration。
She is now famous in the river.,Her http://www.ks-terminals.cn design dress,Will put the limited version of the official website in advance,See pre-sale。
Recently,She is very hard,She suddenly thought of her daughter’s Chinese painting,In combination with a few days of seeing,Combined with Chinese painting,Don’t have a charm。
Lu Haocheng was bathed out,I didn’t see her in the room.,I went to her studio.,Seeing her is designed,Did not disturb her,Continue to cook milk tea to Lan Xin,By the way, I will do the late night.,All the way,He is also hungry。
An hour later ,She draws three lavender drafts。
And two water ink,The painting style of the mother and daughter is different.,Her moat is more gentle,Like a warm and spiritual rhyme。
Kiki’s ink is very angry,Ambition,Give people a struggle with a struggle。
She doesn’t have a daughter’s painting.,Kiki’s painting,She seriously,Can really do God and heart,That is awakening feelings from the heart.,Integrate into the painting,It is in the context of the situation.。
A total of five,She looks very satisfied。
Look at time,After more than an hour。
Blue is moving with a little uncomfortable neck,I plan to make a modification tomorrow.。
What fabric is already in my mind?。
correct,Last Yao Yao said the home,She has not seen it yet,Tomorrow time,She wants to go see。
Blue Xin takes out the phone,Searched a new product that Yao Yao said,one look,Not the style you want。
She instantly lost the desire to see.。
She thought of several companies that were recently cooperated.,Do you want to have something you need?。
correct,Recently, there is a new list of Kerry Textile Factory,She watched before,very interested。
Go see tomorrow.。
Blue Xin is very good。
I will smell the streaks at the building.。
Lu Haozheng ,Just and her eyes,The two smiles。
Blue Xin jumped to the Lu Haoyu。
“So much happiness?”Lu Hao Cheng’s voice is a http://www.yanyangdabao.cn bit hoarse。
Lan Xin nodded,“Inspiration,Can you tell me??”
Lu Haocheng suddenly horing her,“Since the inspiration broke out,So you have to eat more,In this way, I really don’t have a lot.。”
Lu Haocheng hugged her sitting on the sofa,Eight treasure porridge,Hello, the small mouth small mouth。
Sweet and fragrant eight treasure porridge makes the bottom of Lanxin are more sweet.。