“My mother is really good,But the following is specific to humans,Doesn’t need my mother to deal with it。Uncle Shen is fine too,Definitely not because of someone else’s child,Expelled。I think,There is a big misunderstanding,But i don’t know。You can’t tell,Then,I’ll leave it to an adult。If you think I bullied you,Our family bullied your mother,You can find anyone to call you,Justice。”

Baby Ou finished with great momentum,In short,“My family and I will never accept your mess,amount,Unfounded,Accuse。and,What you said about your sister’s beauty,I also remembered。But one is one,Two is two,nothing dealing with you,I’m not looking for you.”This should be called innocent and debtor。
The one that makes Ou Bao angry the most,One is Zhan Huan’s accusation against the family,One is the random evaluation of Zhanyan。
Zhan Huan tilted his eyes,Staring at Baby Ou thinking that she doesn’t show any traces,No words。
Xie Yunchu blocked Zhan Huan’s sight,Holding baby,“Let’s go。”This girl,Really unreasonable。
Chapter Thirty Six Child
If you don’t speak clearly, you will only swear and complain。This is not a problem-solving attitude at all。Like baby ou,That’s the attitude you should have to really solve the problem。however,This is obviously the girl’s problem,But was taken by Bao Bao.
“Like you,Is it that kind.”Xie Yun thought about it,He needs to find a very accurate word,Need to organize,“Just,Your character,A tolerant attitude towards others,is not it,Called the Virgin?”Some bad guys with no bottom line?The word bad guy,It seems different from the Virgin.
“.”I think you are scolding me,But i have no evidence。Baby Ou pulls the little flower on his clothes,Shake your head vigorously,“I’m not,Not a Virgin,I am not a virgin.”
Xie Yunchu doesn’t believe it,But still nod,“Ok,that,Let’s go?”Not a Virgin,Not bad guys,That’s too stupid.
Ou Baobao looked at her, still looking stubborn, and her eyes were full of resentment.,Nothing more,Left with Xie Yun。
“It’s obviously just a word from your mother,Why don’t you need your mother to show up,Just a guilty conscience!!Find someone.”Zhan Huan said in a small voice。
Obaby paused,But didn’t turn around to say a word。Xie Yun turned around and looked at Zhanhuan,I really don’t understand,Baby Ou has said so clearly,Why is this girl still messing around like this。Bao Bao’s mother is definitely the top leadership,Not management,It’s even more impossible to manage in places like people.Baby Ou really understands what he said.
“I think,after,Such a mountain place,Just look at the scenery.”Xie Yunchu and Ou Baobao sitting together,Be guarded by Xie’s assistants。Xie Yunchu worried that Baby Ou felt uncomfortable,Put forward my own opinions and suggestions,It’s also a piece of advice。