Although it was out of stock when it opened,But they don’t panic at all,Because it will be available in three days。

It can be shipped after receiving the order。
This time the opening of the online store,Fang Hao also promoted on multiple accounts。
Jinshan Investment Company bought only one month’s capacity,Have a year12Months,Left11How to solve the monthly production capacity,Is also a big problem。
He can rely on,Always still his fans。
It’s just that Tang Xiaodie has some dissatisfaction,Told him in private:“Can’t you wait to open after the Chinese New Year??Wouldn’t it be better to let those sisters have a good year??”
Chapter Four and Five New Year’s Eve Dinner
For Chinese people,Chinese New Year is a very important thing。
This one“New Year”,Refers to the lunar new year,Which is the Spring Festival,Not the Gregorian New Year。
It’s still far from the Spring Festival,All kinds of festive songs sounded everywhere in the mall,such as《Congratulations》、《Happy new year》、《Today is a good day》What。
Qu Wan’er only stayed in Pengcheng for a few days,Started a career on the field again,Through many provinces and cities,Recording and broadcasting of various evening shows。
Fang Hao is also worried about her,Told her to go out,Be sure to wear a mask。
As the Spring Festival approaches,He is also preparing to go home for the New Year。
but,Now that“Home”No longer in the countryside,But in the city of my hometown。
After he became a star,His parents have moved out from the countryside,Bought a house in the city。
Sometimes go back home,But I went back as a guest。
It’s impossible to go home during the New Year,Change of identity,Will cause them great inconvenience。