“I haven’t said that the old man is long.,You are so affirmation?”

Feng Tianpeng spit out a thick smoke,Say,“He told me,Right,He let me come here waiting for you.,That is to let me tell you something。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,“What is。”
“He said,You kill ancient clouds,Lianhua Part will certainly not give up,Let you be careful,This sentence is just a way.,I want you to know yourself.。”
Toned,He also,“In fact, my master’s intention,Mainly let me tell http://www.victoriafashion.cn you,The ancient family is not so simple,Even if it is killing ancient town,The ancient family can’t fall.。”
Waiting for summer opening inquiry,He immediately gave an answer。
“In fact, in the ancient house,Gu Zhenjiang belongs to the type of custom sea.,Unless it is a big decision,Under normal circumstances,Really do,Is his big son ancient tang,Also ancient morning and ancient cloud。”
Feng Tianpeng reveals the look of fun disaster,“That guy stripe snake,More than the ancient town rivers must be good at,You are now scrapped in ancient morning,Kill ancient cloud,The ancient family will never give up a good break.。But also……”
He suddenly,Immediately become dignified,“Do you know why the ancient family is in touch with the guardian??Because the ancient family itself has a distant relative is a member of the Guardian Alliance,It is said that it is still old。”
http://www.baobaofan.cn Slightly dignified between the summer eyebrows,Then it is revealed。
“How do you know??”
“My master told me。”Feng Tianpeng’s eyes were serious,“He also said,As long as the old home is not falling,Naturally, many people are willing to work with the ancient family,Look at them with you,This may include the guardian alliance……”
“Summer,Are you ready?,The storm has just begun。”
Ancient town river is killed,Like a windy wind,Almost a night, the entire capital is swept.。
Herein,I know in a very short time.。
For anyone,This is undoubtedly a very sensational message.。
Who is the Guzhen River?。
That is not only the custom sea of the old man’s house.,It is a big man standing at the top of the pyramid.。
He agitated the wind when he was young.,Identity is similar to almost no one.。
However, he was killed by people.。
Accompanied by this news,There is also a message about murder。
It is said that the murderer and the family,I have died for many years of my own son.。
Many families utilize resources,I am in listening to the people’s dragon。
There are also some families secret mobilization,Tiger in the side。
After all, Gu Zhenjiang was killed.,If the ancient family is chaotic,Maybe you can get benefits。
Migrant families are learned after this,Extra attention,This fact is too big.。
“Ancient family is one of the six major giants,Its overall strength in the top three,Nowadays, the ancient town is killed,If ancient family did not mess up?,I will inevitably don’t die in the summer.。”
“Stay away from the summer,Don’t provoke。”
Many families have reached a similar order on the school’s middle school.。
This battle,The two http://www.soubisai.cn sides are obviously not dead.。
And has formed a storm,If it is a lot of words,It is bound to involve more and more people and forces。
This night,The entire city is boiling,This matter is discussed。
Especially those with the ancient family,Sheltered family,Immediately。
But very quickly,Several families receive a message at the same time。
It is the news that the old home is now。