Breast milk saves millions of babies

Breast milk saves millions of babies

“1.5 million babies worldwide die directly from non-breast milk replacements every year!

“This amazing number was announced by the World Health Organization’s representative office in China.

A new study proves that if all women can breastfeed their children within 1 hour after giving birth, it will reduce the chance of infant infection and save the lives of millions of newborns.

  The World Health Organization has also designated the first week of August as “World Breastfeeding Week”, and this year’s theme is “Breastfeeding-Saving 1 million babies in the first hour”.

  According to the United Nations, only 39% of babies worldwide are breast-fed entirely within the first 6 months of life.

In developing countries, the pure breast milk intake rate for infants between 0 and 6 months is only 67%, and in large and medium-sized cities, it is metabolized, and the breast milk intake rate has been increased to 85% from the “China Children’s Development Outline (2001-2010)”.The goals are quite different.

  ”Gold and silver water is not as good as mother’s milk” As the saying goes, “gold and silver water is not as good as mother’s milk”.

Dai Yaohua, director of the World Health Organization Child Health Cooperation Center and director of the China Child Health Care and Disease Prevention and Guidance Center, said in an interview with the Life Times reporter that breast milk replacement has its irreplaceable advantages: First, nutrition: The most nutrient substances in breast milkSuitable for digestion and absorption of infants; Second, immunity: breast milk is rich in anti-infective substances, which can reduce the incidence of diarrhea, respiratory tract and skin infections in infants, and prevent allergies; third, tooth development: sucking helps the normal development of the face and prevent caused by milk bottlesCaries.

  Fourth, brain development: breast milk contains amino acids needed for infant brain development.

In addition, during breastfeeding, the mother’s voice and skin contact can stimulate the baby’s brain and promote its early intellectual development.

Dai Yaohua said: “In China, there is a saying,” If you have milk, you are a mother. ”

“Meanwhile, mothers also benefit a lot from breast milk intake.

Dai Yaohua said that breastfeeding is conducive to uterine recovery and can reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer and diabetes in the future.

  ”WHO recommends that infants require pure breastmilk replacement within 6 months without having to add any food, water and other beverages.

After 6 months, no matter how much breast milk is secreted, supplementary food should be added. Breast milk can be fed to 2 years old.

Dai Yaohua said.

  There are so many misconceptions about breastfeeding. So often, young mothers still have too many misunderstandings, or they are incorrect, or they simply use milk powder or milk instead.

According to a survey by the Times of the United Kingdom, there are three main reasons why mothers are unwilling to breastfeed: one is that they feel that their milk is insufficient (87% of people hold this view); the other is that formula milk nutrition is equivalent to breast milk (34%); Third, fear of breastfeeding will affect body size (20%).

  Do not feed if there is not enough milk.

Dai Yaohua said that many mothers think that there is not enough milk, but it is actually an incorrect expectation, which is often caused by incorrect sucking posture or incorrect posture of mother hugging.

First of all, many children only suck their mother’s nipples. This is not right. They must suck areola.

Because the milk is in the sinus under the areola, it must be pressed here to squeeze the milk out.

First of all, when holding a child, the mother must sit comfortably. The child’s head, neck, and body are in a straight line. The chest should be close to the chest, the abdomen should be close to the abdomen, and the chin should be close to the breast.

When breastfeeding, let your child open his mouth wide and lower his lips forward and extend to ensure that the child can effectively suck milk.

  Formula can replace breast milk.

The basic ingredient of formula is milk, whose main ingredient determines that it is not suitable for infants.

Taking protein as an example, the ratio of casein to whey protein in breast milk is 4: 6, and milk is 8: 2.

And babies need whey protein because it is easily absorbed.

  Breastfeeding affects body shape.

Too many women are worried about sagging breasts after breastfeeding, affecting their body shape.

Therefore, Dai Yaohua said that ingestion of breast milk will not only affect body shape, but also promote post-partum physical recovery, which will help reduce weight.

“The breast is like a plant, and it will grow healthier after going through the whole process of spring, autumn, and flowers.
“Professor Kun Kun Shen of the Tumor Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University made a figurative analogy:

New births and breastfeeding are the flower blossoms of the breast, which can promote its self-regulation and enhance the breast’s immunity.

“The world is promoting breast milk. At present, governments of all countries are trying their best to promote breast milk replacement.

According to UNICEF data, the rate at which Philippine babies are completely breastfed in 4-5 months replaces 16% in 2003 with 20% in 1998.

Therefore, in the Philippines, on May 2, this year, 3738 mothers collectively fed babies for 1 minute in a gym in the capital Manila, and set a world record for the event.

“We want to show the world that the first thing a child should drink is mother’s milk, which is irreplaceable.

“The campaign advocate said in an interview with the media.   ”We want to advise Filipino mothers to breastfeed their babies 6 months ago,” said UNICEF Leader Rutztan.

“The situation in Australia is equally gloomy.

According to statistics, only 1 in 5 babies are replaced by breast milk until half a year old.

With this, the Victorian Social Medical System system provides full help and support to new mothers.

At the prenatal check-up, the family doctor will explain to mothers the benefits of breastmilk replacement and ask if you will use alternative breastfeeding.

If you choose to take breastfeeding, the newborn will be hugged to the mother about 1 hour after giving birth, and will be breastfeeding for the first time under the guidance of a midwife.

  It is understood that the Australian Government has provided $ 300,000 in funding to professional groups such as the Breastfeeding Association, which includes the establishment of a breast milk bank to store breast milk for those who are underfed.

  Approximately, breast milk intake in Japan is good and has been on the rise.

For example, in 1980, 80% of mothers replaced breast milk; today this number has risen to 90%.

  There is a word in Japanese that puts home-cooked dishes into “mother’s dishes”; likewise, milk from mothers is also regarded as the most precious gift.

In Japan, almost every mother starts breastfeeding for 8 hours after giving birth. Since then, obstetrics and gynecology nurses have mothers breastfeed every 3 hours.

“Breastfeeding is a common practice in Japan and few people want to break it.

“Ms. Yamazaki of the Breastfeeding Federation said that infants who drink milk close to their mother’s breasts can also feel psychologically safe and have a positive effect on growth.

  ”Filling breast milk with milk powder” is not scientific. For mothers with insufficient milk, Dai Yaohua reminded that it is best to ask a doctor to help find out why.

“In fact, some mothers are not short of milk, but they can be so wrong.

“Adding bifidobacteria is more suitable for urea for babies”, “low phosphorus, promote calcium absorption” . Nowadays, there are a lot of advertisements for formula milk on TV. Many parents think they are imported, expensive and effectiveMust be close to breast milk.

In progress, Dai Yaohua said that there are a considerable number of milk powder advertisements that violate the “International Breast Milk Substitutes for Sale”, and mothers should place their own breastfeeding.

To be precise, although breastmilk substitutes are not banned foods, like tobacco, it is better not to use them at least.

At the same time, pay attention to the packaging must be marked with “breast milk is the best alternative”.