Husband and wife quarrel: affects wife most

Husband and wife quarrel: affects wife most

According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, quarrels between couples are commonplace.

However, when you look at the other person’s eyes, are you making a big noise or being silenced as a defense?

The investigation found that venting unpleasant or silent feelings can have a great impact on a couple’s health index and even lead to death.

  Recently, a survey of 4,000 married men and women conducted by Massachusetts in the United States recently reported that: 32% of men quarreled with their wives when they quarreled with their wives, compared with 23% of women.

The report points out that women’s health is harmed by keeping silent or swallowing their breath; keeping silent can lead to depression, heart disease, anorexia, etc.

  The survey also showed that those wives who often remained silent and did not like to talk to their husbands were four times more lethal than those who often expressed their dissatisfaction to the other half.

The contraction of tone is also constant in the quarrel between husband and wife. It is inevitable that they need to quarrel and have skills.

This technique includes: talking about things without hurting the innocent.

Don’t involve a lot of old things during the quarrel, and don’t hit each other’s family, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.

  Advance with retreat, from complaint to communication.

  Focus your firepower and avoid air-to-air quarrels.

Effective communication includes: saying “I” and not “You”, not ridiculing, not interrupting the other person’s speech.

  Don’t fight the consumptive cold war.

Don’t think of various ways to punish each other, because at the same time you also punish yourself.

  Marriage experts say that loving couples and lovers in the world know how to give each other steps, and they will also be masters of steps.