Prevention of conjunctivitis

Prevention of conjunctivitis

Adjacent to the hot summer, accompanied by joyful outdoor swimming activities is the arrival of the “red eye disease” season.

Because “red eye disease” is highly contagious and has a large number of people, if a person gets sick, if they point out improperly, family members, classmates, colleagues, and other people around them will “stroke.”

  ◆ Early prevention-“red eye disease” is transmitted by many. The scientific name of “red eye disease” is acute catarrhal conjunctivitis, which is medically called “acute conjunctivitis.” Conjunctiva is a smooth and transparent film on the eye white and the eyelid.Acute inflammation of laminar conjunctiva has resulted in acute conjunctivitis, which is one of the most serious symptoms of conjunctivitis.

It can be caused by a bacterial infection or by a virus.

  Red eye disease is more acute, with an incubation period of 1?
On the 3rd day, most of the patients developed onset of eyes, and the patient consciously shed tears, foreign body sensation, burning sensation, conjunctival congestion of the eyes, and mucus or purulent discharge.

Because there are many secretions, the upper and lower eyelashes often stick together, and it is difficult to get up in the morning to open the eyes.

First, the eyes were red, hot, and painful and itchy, and it felt uncomfortable to have sand in the eyelids; I was also afraid of light and tears, which made me uncomfortable.

Due to the rapid warmth in Guangdong and the rapid proliferation of the virus, “red eye disease” is more likely to occur in Guangdong.

  A “red eye” person tends to be “jealous” for many people.

Because “red eye” people have a lot of bacteria or viruses hidden in their eye secretions, towels, washbasins, face wash and handkerchiefs used by “red eye” people have a lot of germs on them, so “red eye disease””Persons that have come into contact with them, such as pillows, quilts, clothes, door handles, telephones, remote controls, etc., are contaminated with these pathogens.

Normal people use things that people with “red eye disease” have used or touched, or shake hands with people with “red eye disease” and rub their eyes, and they will get infected, and the eyes will soon “red”.

So if you find someone with “red eye disease” in the small environment around you, you need to be alert, do n’t touch objects, wash your hands frequently, and do n’t rub your eyes.

  In the high incidence period of red eye disease, there is even a saying that “looking at one’s eye” will spread the disease. In fact, this is not scientifically justified.

  ◆ Second step of prevention-go to the hospital to diagnose and reasonably and correctly use the “red eye disease” to prevent. If contact with patients, pay attention to hand washing and disinfection, and preventive use of eye drops such as chloramphenicol; drop one or two drops of antibiotics before and after swimmingEye drops, this kind of eye drops is best for anti-oxidation, constriction of blood vessels, antipruritic and swelling effect. It can be used before swimming to prevent eye infection or irritation. It can be used to relieve or eliminate the conjunctival hyperemia caused by swimming.And other discomforts, while also cleaning the role of eye conjunctiva.

If you are unfortunately “recruited”, it is best to go to the hospital for examination before taking the drug reasonably.

  According to the doctor, the incubation period of “red eye disease” is 1-3 days, which usually develops in both eyes, and occurs at the same time or after 1-2 days.

Generally, the disease reaches its climax within 3-4 days, and gradually improves. The replacement is cured in about 2 weeks.

Active treatment after getting sick, once found, immediately treatment, do not interrupt, continue to treat for 1 week after the symptoms completely disappear to prevent recurrence.

  The eye can be rinsed during treatment. When the affected eye secretion is replaced, the appropriate irrigating agent such as physiological saline or 2% boric acid water should be used to flush the conjunctival sac, 2?
3 times, and wipe the edge of the eyelid with a sterile cotton swab.

Eye drops or eye ointment can also be applied to the affected eye.

If it is a bacterial infection, the most effective antibiotic eye drops can be selected according to the bacteria detected. According to the severity of the disease, every 2?
Take eye drops once every 3 hours or every hour. Is there a 10% eye drop?
20% glucosamine sodium gluconate, 0%.

3% fluorophenyl acid, 0%.

25% chloramphenicol eye drops, etc., antibiotic eye ointments such as ciprofloxacin, chloramphenicol or tetracycline eye ointment can be applied before going to bed at night, and the secretions need to be cleaned before each prescription to improve the efficacy.

For conjunctivitis with mixed viral infections, in addition to the above drugs, antiviral eye drops can also be used. For adenovirus, 0 can be used.

1% oxybenzazole eye drops, 0.

1% peptide butylamine emulsion, available for parvovirus.

1% herpes net, 0.

1% acyclovir eye drops, etc. 2 daily?
3 times, interferon, etc., if necessary.

Bacterial culture can be performed when necessary, and a drug sensitivity test can be performed to replace the appropriate antibiotics.

  Red eye disease can also be treated with traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this disease as tempest fever or red eyes in the sky, which is generally caused by exogenous wind-heat and evil poison.pill.

  After the inflammation is controlled, in order to prevent recurrence, eye drops are still needed for about 1 week, or an astringent such as 0 is applied.

25% zinc sulfate eye drops, 2 daily?
3 times to improve congestion and prevent recurrence.
In addition, patients should not use the same eye drops with others to prevent cross infection.

  Some people have used “long-term” medication to “consolidate the record” or “prevention before they occur”, and the results have been counterproductive. They are caused by antibiotic-induced steroid glaucoma, cataracts, and herpes simplex keratitis, fungal and other conditions-causing bacteria.Serious consequences such as inflammation, so drugs must not be reused as daily necessities.

  ◆ The third step of prevention-Buying medicines from a drugstore. Autonomous “red eye disease” If you know the common sense of “red eye disease” and may be relatively mild, you can also go to the pharmacy to buy eye medicine by yourself.

In fact, there are many types of eye drops in some large pharmacies. They are divided into prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, and they are also divided into two categories: health care and treatment.

  Health care products such as Zhenshuang Mingming Eye Drops (can be used to remove eyesight and clear heat and relieve pain), Chia Tai Vita Health Care Eye Drops, Xinle Dun Eye Drops, etc .; there are many types of eye drops for treatment, except for Cantonese.Local brands such as chlortetracycline, chloramphenicol, tetracycline, erythromycin and other antibiotics are used. In addition, the more expensive ones are Le Dunkang eye drops, Runshu eye drops, Lexar, Lekangxin and pureBear bile eye drops in Chinese medicine are all antibiotics.

Antivirals include morpholinoline hydrochloride eye drops, supplements diamidine, prescription drugs aloxivir and new eye drops in imported medicines.
  Patients can purchase appropriate eye drops according to the actual situation of their symptoms and the instructions of the medicine.

The patient’s “self-treatment” at home is as follows: ● Keep the eyes clean. Because of excessive eye secretions when suffering from acute conjunctivitis, they cannot simply resist drug treatment.

It is important to take good care of the eyes and to always keep clean. Wash your eyes or eye bath with normal saline or 3% boric acid solution, and then drop the eye drops to give full play to its efficacy.

  ● Cold compress in the early stage, use hormonal eye drops with caution at the beginning of cold conjunctivitis.

In contrast, hot compresses are expected to cause congestion of the eyeball, and growth may spread causing complications.

When inflammation is not controlled, hormonal ophthalmic drugs are contraindicated. Hormonal ophthalmic drugs are contraindicated in viral conjunctivitis.

Therefore, the use of hormonal eyedrops should follow the advice of an ophthalmologist, and never use it by yourself.

  ● Keep away from light and heat, and rarely use light-eye tears in patients with severe acute conjunctivitis. To reduce discomfort, avoid light and heat stimulation.

Also don’t forcefully read a book or watch TV. Wear sunglasses when going out to avoid sun, wind and dust.

In order to make the discharge of eye secretions unobstructed and reduce the local temperature, which is not conducive to the growth and growth of germs, it is not allowed to bandage or wear eye masks.

  Common sense about red eye diseaseAfter having this disease, there is no long-term immunity.

However, as long as you pay careful attention to personal hygiene, you can completely avoid this disease.

  2.Acute conjunctivitis should not use eye ointment, do not use gauze, etc. to close the eyes, if properly treated, the patient can fully return to normal in about 2 weeks without leaving any sequelae.

  3.When someone has red eye disease, they ask the doctor to give an anti-inflammatory injection for treatment. In fact, it is not necessary. Anti-inflammatory effect on red eye disease is very small.

If infants and young children have more serious red eyes, and eye drops are more difficult, sulfa emulsion can be taken orally.

  4.Inappropriate treatment of this disease can cause meningitis.