[How to make savory snacks]_How to make_Method

[How to make savory snacks]_How to make_Method

The finished products purchased in the supermarket will always have a variety of additives, often consumed more or less called the body has an impact, so many female friends will make some delicious snacks at home, which can both relieve and dispel bits and pieces.Time, I am very relieved to eat.

This article introduces a few simple savory snacks that can be prepared by using a cooking pot. If you are interested, please take a look.

Quick and easy dessert made with a cooking pot-Desert Rose-Chocolate Ingredients for 6 people: 250g dark chocolate, 250g dough, 200g powdered sugar, none of the white sugar, 500g corn breakfast cereal, rich people generally use the small dessert paper cups of my figure… Can carry . (Actually, I think it ‘s easy to carry it in a plastic bag after it ‘s dry .) If you do n’t have the money, we use cake paper (no, use foil, no more . clean plastic bags).Cut the butter into small pieces, chop the chocolate, bring it to a low heat.

If the pan is not big enough, butter first and then chocolate.

2. After the whole process, add sugar powder and stir well.

3, pour the contents of the pot into the bowl of corn breakfast cereal (Figure 3) and stir, so that each piece is covered with chocolate?
4. Lay out a piece of cake paper, 2 tablespoons (Figure 4), pile by pile (Figure 5).

5. Keep it in a cool place. If you are in a hurry . this place can be a refrigerator (remember to cover it, otherwise you will smell it).

6, when it is cold and harden, you can eat.

Laurel summer solstice cold salad-salted snacks, mini tofu, tamarind hibiscus tofu 1 box, corn kernel size, floss vertical, firewood can be used, laurel salad dressing can be directly placed in cool rice and mixed with fruit vinegar (if not, can be omitted,But if you add it, the taste will be a bit.) Stir the corn kernels, laurel salad, and black pepper.

Pour out the laurel hibiscus tofu and cut into 1/3 equal slices with a knife.

Spread vinegared rice → corn → vinegared rice → pork floss → tofu in a transparent cup in order.

Can be drizzled with hibiscus tofu sauce before eating

Steamed and salty cake materials 5 eggs, 150 grams of flour, 30 grams of sugar, 1/2 tsp of salt, appropriate amount of meat sauce[make meat sauce]1, diced carrots.

Pour a small amount of olive oil into the pan and stir fry the carrots.

2. Pour in the meat stuffing. When the meat changes color, add the seasoning (I put raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, allspice powder, pepper powder, adjust it to your taste, if you like spicy, you can add paprika).

3. Fry until cooked.

[Production]1, five eggs with sugar, whole eggs pass.

2. Sift the flour and mix well.

3. Pour half in the mold and put it into the steamer.

4. Steam over high heat for 5-6 minutes, open the lid, sprinkle the meat sauce, pour the other half of the batter, and steam over medium heat for 10-15 minutes.

Cut out and cut into pieces.