Dongzi let someone sit down,On the one hand, Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun, who were standing by with their hands down, were also introduced to the brother Lin.。

“You did everything possible to get people to find us,I want to work with us?”
Lin Ge turned around and made a gesture,The five people behind him immediately dispersed and stood in several important positions in the private room,Then he asked straightforwardly。
“Yes,I have long heard that your elder brother Duan Long is a famous figure in the south,Do your own business well and well,Or the leader of other heroes,So I have always respected him,Good life worship,Really want his help,Can establish a channel for me to make money from north to south。”
Dongzi went straight to the subject as soon as he saw people coming up.,He doesn’t mean to be too close,Simply and directly told Brother Lin his thoughts。
“Ha ha,Li Weidong,Former Hallmaster of Baihutang,He has made numerous contributions to the Tigers,In several battles between the Tigers and other gangs,Brave and fierce,Prestigious。I didn’t think I could see Hall Master Li’s style with my own eyes today。”
Lin Ge didn’t respond to Dongzi’s words,But Fan’er made Dongzi’s identity background clear,I told it clearly。
Dongzi was surprised!
Since the Tiger Gang was wiped out,He is cautious everywhere,Never tell anyone what happened before,And never exposed his previous identity。
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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety One Top secret list
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Top secret list
I can’t think of the partner I want to cooperate with this time,But as soon as he came up, he got a clear picture of his family,Show off his cards first and foremost,This shows that the other party is definitely not easy to follow,Thinking of here, Dongzi calmed down a bit。
“That’s all from the past, please,Circumstance,My Dongzi is just an unknown person now,I want to thank you brothers,Seek a way for yourself to get rich。Big brothers, for the sake of the sincerity of the younger brother,Give me a way to go!”