“Oy!Two dogs,The strength you use is too big.,I am falling.。”

Lin ring complained a sentence,Ji’s climb,Ladder,Climb to the wall,Put the ladder to the outside。
Fortunately, the zombie climbs the ladder,Xu Erju jumped to the wall,Then jump into the prison,After the land,Cardiological disorder,I fell a dog.。
The forest is laughing while moving the ladder from the outside。
One person has a stiffness from the wall climbed down.,Lin rap with Xu Ergua to find someone。
What is easy to find someone to find a person?。
For simple and fast,Lin rang to find a living room,Directly。
The woman inside heard the movement,Shouted“devil”After opening the bed。
Lin looked at her so warm and slept until she was in bed.。
Woman touching the face of the forest,I still say one side.:
http://www.sz-furniture.cn “master,Your skin is tender!”
“Of course。”
Woman listening to speaking is wrong,Immediately realize that it is wrong,Just shout,Lin rang reached out to cover her mouth,低 低 语:
“I don’t know if you shout others.,See you and I lying on a piece,Will not believe that we are innocent。”
A woman nodding in bed。
Lin Song starts,Sit up from the bed。
Woman is wronged:
“I beg you, don’t touch me.,The property is in that scorpion。”
“I am not interested in the property.,I am interested in the eight ladies.。”
“Chaiwang,Horn is closed in Chai House。”
Lin ring 下 bed,Go to the door,Suddenly folded over the bed,The woman’s heart jumped directly to the eyes of the voice.。
“you,What else do you have to do??”
“Where is the Chai House??”
“Southeast corner of the backyard,You now have to save people http://www.lude77.cnnow,Deacular people will die late。”
Lin rang from the boudoir,With Xu Ergua to the southeast corner of the backyard。
That woman should not lie to him.。
Before the door of the firewood,Discover the lock,Back to the side,Let Xu Erju。
Zombie arm can easily lock the lock。
“Be awkward”A。
Lin looked to the lock,Push the door of the firewood,Inside the http://www.guang618.cn grass, a ragist woman lying there。