“The little wind is correct.,But there is no entertainment after drinking wine tonight.,Total feeling less??”

Wanhong said that this is entirely from the heart.,After all, when the county,Generally all eat,Drink then sing,entertainment,If you may have a lot of activities behind men。
“Hey-hey,Do you want to finish,Return the village to find a place to continue in a wild?
Roast fire,Barbecue,Then sing songs in an empty place,By the way, I can fall fish in the river.,Experience the country’s entertainment activities,How about it?”
Li Hui Feng, this proposal is proposed.,Lu Changsheng first clapping。
“Row,I am more agreeable with Li’s brother’s proposal.,After all, we are all habits.KTV,bar,Activities in the Di Hall,Experience what I don’t agree.。”
With the endorsement of land,Their rings are also laughing.:“I feel good.,But I add one more,Let me open a live broadcast,How do we do a job??”
“I agree,The audience in your live broadcast is an old color batch.,But very cute,I like。”
Wanhong agreed,Then Li Mei naturally has no opinions.。
Everyone is almost ten o’clock。
And the red and Li Mei are drinking some of them.,But the more this,The debauching personality is a lovely feeling.。
There is no more than ten o’clock.。
Liu Xujian sent everyone to go out。
She saw a few people drinking wine.,I still think about how to find a few people.。
Now give her a best excuse for her.。
“Several,You are all drinking,Driving can not work,Would you like me to send you??”
Wanhong looked at the willow sweet,Laugh:“I am walking,This is the car key,We have waited for you to drink a cup with you in one night.,As a http://www.ncjac.cn result, you haven’t come.,For a while, we went to we went to the skin.,How about it?”
“breeze,You go to the hotel to carry out the beer,Then with a point barbecue,Let’s continue.。”
I heard the red this,Willow sweet is also beautiful。
Very happy:“breeze,Let it go,I will move with you.,How can I have to be happy?。”
Li Hui Feng saw the eyes of Liu Xujian,Nature is also understanding the other party。
I immediately laughed:“Row,Sauce,You wait for me.,I am very fast.。”
Li Hui Rong follows Liu Xujian into the hotel,Directly moved two boxes of beer,Willow sweet is from the kitchen, a bunch of barbecues came out.。
Liu Zhiming saw Liu Xujian and his little wife appeared in Li with the wind,It’s also a sigh.。
“You go back early.,Don’t pay the lady and the folding。”
Willow sweetness, heard his old man,It is also a red face.。
“dad,What do you say??
http://www.bjbc-sh.cn I just help me.,Let’s now this point,No one in the hotel,I will follow them for a lively.,After all, I am here alone.。”
“Row,You have a lot of yourself。”
Li Hui Hui came back to hug and heard Liu Zhiming.,I immediately laughed:“Hey-hey,uncle,Do not worry,I am sure to protect the sweet sister.,Will not let her be bullied by others。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Liu Zhiming is also speechless。
How can he fear that others bully the sweetness?,He is most afraid of it is fear that he is bullied by Li.。
“Um,You are so good.,Let your sweet sister come back early。”
After saying that Liu Zhiming is no longer ingredient.。
For himself, he is still aware of him.。