Bamboo leaf vegetable

Bamboo leaf vegetable

Bamboo leaves are also known as duckweed or bamboo dishes.

It is a genus Duckweed.

Born in a field wetland, the leaves resemble bamboo leaves, blooming like a moth in summer, rain petals like wings, and blue and green are lovely.

Li Shizhen said: “Bamboo leafy vegetables are found everywhere on the flat ground. They emerge from March to April and are edible when tender.

“The whole herb is used for medicinal purposes and is harvested when it blooms.

The taste is bitter, cold and non-toxic.

Ingredients include anthocyanins (mixed with Feiyan etc.), slime, starch.

Cooling, antipyretic, detoxifying, and diuretic.

Applicable to acute fever, hyperthermia, thirst, sore throat, upper respiratory tract and urinary tract infections.

[上呼吸道感染,咽喉、扁桃体炎] 鲜竹叶菜全草洗净捣烂绞汁,每服1酒杯以温水冲服,一同2~3次。Or with whole grass 60?
90 grams, decoction also.

[流行性感冒,高热烦渴,或原因不明的高热] 竹叶菜30-60克,淡竹叶30克,水煎,一日2~3次分服。 [急性膀恍炎,小便频急] 竹叶菜30克,车前草30克,甘草9克,水煎去渣,一日2~3次分服。 [急性风湿热,尿酸性病风,间节红肿疼痛] 竹叶菜60克,白毛夏枯草30克,水煎服(取鲜草捣烂绞汁服用更佳)。 [痈疖疔疮,无名肿毒] 鲜竹叶菜、鲜乌鼓霉等量,加食盐少许捣烂,敷贴患部,一日更换2次,以痛止肿消为度。 [风湿性心肌炎,心脏病] 竹叶菜30~60克,肥玉竹、生地各12克,甘草6克,水煎,一日2至3次分服。 [急生细菌性痢疾;发热、小便赤涩] 鲜全草60~90克,鲜车前草30~60克,水煎,分2~3次服(或用鲜全草各120克捣烂Twist the juice and serve with honey and candle temperature.)

[疟疾,急性血吸虫病发热等] 竹叶菜60~90克,煎浓汁服,有解热解毒,强心利尿之功。 [流行性腮腺炎] 鲜草绞汁服,或配筋骨草(白毛夏枯草),水煎服。 [各种感染发热] 大量鸭跖草水煎服(本品药性和平,多服无流弊)。 [外伤出血,毒虫毒蛇咬伤] 鲜草捣敷。 [麦粒肿] 鲜鸭跖草一节,火上烧之,一头有汁流出,乘热涂患处,数次可愈。