Fang Hao said seriously:“No such thing,I don’t have any shares in Haoran Culture Company,I’m just a contract artist of this company。”

“It’s a pity,”Tong Keke regretfully said,“I still think if this company is yours, Mr. Fang,I can’t do it in Tense Entertainment from now on,Just jump over。”
Fang Hao smiled:“Company is not mine,You can also jump over。”
He knew Tong Keke was just joking,He just made a joke。
Haoran Culture Company has no plans to dig others’ corners for the time being。
Dug a Qu Wan’er,Still a money loser,Did not go through Qu Wan’er。
Before this road is cleared,They won’t dig other artists。
Because I don’t have that ability。
Tong Keke blinked:“OK,I remember your words,Come to the door,Don’t you deny Mr. Fang。”
Fang Hao spread his hands:“I don’t think it matters at all,Because the company is not mine。”
He won’t make that promise。
Tong Ke is ridiculously smiling,Nothing more。