“Now I will show you a not-so-good news,Xu Xuan already got it42separated,He is still scoring,The U.S. team’s line of defense looks like nothing.”
Kenny·Smith’s helpless voice rang。
“damn it!They are playing a fake match!”
“Fake match?”
“FAK!We really did our best!”
The young people on the U.S. team are also very wronged。
This group of people in the international team don’t look good,Why are you so hungry when you play?
They can always find many ways to end,They can’t prevent the ending methods,I can only stand and watch。
“Xu Xuan dropped a ball to the inside and successfully helped fly Antetokounmpo!Dunked!”
“Xu Xuan sent a second pass again,Help to fly the Eiffel Tower!Another dunk!”
“Xu Xuan seems to be fighting by himself?Xu Xuan went in!beautifulcrossover!Elfried was knocked aside!Xu Xuan also deducted!!”
“o,What a wonderful game!”
“I am Xu Tainiubī)!”
While helping teammates send out assists,Xu Xuan is still scoring!
He is now only short of Durant’s record2Minute!
“Really strong!”
“Totally unstoppable!”