Even if I feel aggrieved in panic,You can also say a few words when you get the results。

The two teachers still have a few hours of patience。
Not to mention there will be a rematch tomorrow……
Peng Jiankang thinks so too,The results will come out on the same day anyway,Does it make sense to argue now?
As for Wang Yufei,Facing the doubts of teachers from other provinces,Just smile peacefully。
He is not as competitive as Lu Yuxin。
Moreover,Nothing to argue with others about how awesome I am,Isn’t this stupid?
Generally speaking, people think you are awesome,That’s really awesome!
Have that time,Mobile phone,Study the brain-computer interface data that Professor Gao gave him,Doesn’t it smell?
So with everyone’s peace of mind,Little storm fell into silence。
Wang Yufei, who just sat there quietly looking at the phone, occasionally got a few curious eyes。
No ripples。