She is a host,and《Masked Singer》with《strongest brain》Host of,Just a foil,Doesn’t have much sense of existence at all。

Variety shows like this,Can’t show her strengths,How could it be possible。
Must be like“Meteor Girl Restaurant”That way,Fully demonstrate the characteristics and advantages of the host,Just suitable for her,So that she can meet her career satisfaction。
Shen Huan must understand her intentions,Now she has to choose all kinds of variety shows。
Wang Zhen is not a very smart woman,So she thought about it for a while,Still not decided。
“Shen Huan,How about you choose one for me!”Wang Zhen turned his head,“I want less complicated,And a more relaxed atmosphere,But also attractive。”
“Your request is really not high。”Shen Huan laughed。
Then Shen Huan thought about it,“Can you cook?”
“will not。”Wang Zhen immediately shook his head,And then added a sentence:“I can eat。”
Sister, your answer is so philosophical,I don’t want to talk to you anymore。
Shen Huan asked again:“Have you stayed in the countryside before?”
“When I was young, I often went to my grandma’s home in the country,For several years!”Wang Zhen quickly replied。