This time,It is not polite.。

He is going to the left shelf first.,Start check-by one。
Zhou Wei and the righteousness are true to the right, and the top of the right.。
And Lin Donghe Blood,Still,The two people have been secretly exchanged.。
“Old monster,We don’t have to fight,Can see,This is called summer.,Heart fire must be unique,The first time you can successfully refine,In addition to the special of the flame,He is on the talents of the refineries,Absolutely。”
Blood old strange convergence smile,Extremely rare,“And I think,Even if you don’t need to teach,He just accepts inheritance crystal,Can also become an excellent refinerie。”
Lin Dong sighed a breath,“you know too,Five products,Is a bottleneck,Our two years have been,Still difficult to break through,If this is like this,We teach together to teach,maybe……”There is no left.,Lin Dong’s look has a wonderful wing。
Blood strange is also a rare enthusiasm。
Six-style refinerie!This already belongs to the legendary existence.。
Not exaggerated,A Wu King,If there is a six-piece case,Can spike the back of the sea。
This is‘Be aware of’Powerful。
Unfortunately,Six products of the United Kingdom even in the Guangxi Shenpu mainland,It is not visible。
“good,Since Lao Lin, you will celebrate the public.,Then I can’t be a small family.,That taught him together,If you can really teach him a six-series refinerst,We are also famous in the world.。”
Toned,Also,“You now let them choose one of them,Is the heart of the test?”
Lin Dong smiled slightly,“Do this idea,I want to further test their eyes and judgments.,I also want to see the summer can’t bring us surprises in summer.。”
Although the two are in the sound,The eyes have been going on the three people in the summer.。
“Old forest,As far as I observe,You are the best tool here,It should be the bow……Uh!“Not finished,Stop,Ambiguous。
Lin Dong is also a stiff,Be strike,Full face dull。
Summer has already selected。
He went to a shelf in the angle,I didn’t hesitate to take a black hard bow.。
This hard bow is dark,Engraved in many runes,Style is simple,Even some old,As if there is a long time。
Summer caught in the hand,Full of joy。
“Lin Dong Master,I will choose this bow.。”
Lin Donghe blood strange has returned to normal,Just the eye is slightly complex,Spread。
And the words are really changing with Zhou Wei.,I don’t know which one of the choice,After heard of words at this moment,Also visited。
“summer,You haven’t sure you don’t look again.?”
Lin Dong’s hometown asked。