Looking at his back,Jun has no expression,It’s just http://www.eddanet.cn a pair of eyes, but it is a haze.。

finally,The corner of the mouth evacuates a smile。
He took out the phone,Dial the number of Liuhe Mountain。
“Where is summer now??”
“grown ups,He has returned to the Beijing Meijia Old House。”
“We also return to Beijing,I will go for a while.。”
This sentence,Gano’s eyes flashed a different。
“Be。I will book a ticket now.。”
At 3 pm。
In the summer, I left the Mountain Cemetery with everyone.。
Qinling finally paying,The second drum of small ice and snow。
Liu Qingqing is the first。
If it is serious,Ye is gentle and also a mother。
Although Xiaobei is not aware of the father?,Mother goes again from her,But her growth,It is destined to not be buried。
After leaving the Mountain Cemetery,Not immediately returning to the old house。
It is rushing to the airport.。
When I came back on Saturday,Summer has already booled the return ticket in advance。
After the airport,Liu Qingqing, the fragrance is a big。
And the small flower is also a corner of the square,Can’t wait for her。
Fangxiang’s eyes are also slightly red。
From a certain extent,Her encounter and small ice and snow are very http://www.jiubaisong.cn similar。
Father’s sacrifice,And mother in order to pursue better material life,Left her and grandmother two people。
Today, my grandmother has also passed away.,This world,No loved ones。
Fortunately, in summer and Liu Qingqing appeared in time,Give her a new warmth。
“Small flower aunt,I will come back next weekend.。”Fangxiang comfort。
The little flower is also very serious.,“Big niece,After the school,To listen to the teacher’s words,Learn a little better,Every day,Waiting for you next time,You play with me.,I started learning from tomorrow.,Waiting for me grow up,I will protect you。”
Summer laughing touchs the head of two little girls,Then I stepped on the passenger plane to Qinghai.。
As a result,He happens to go back to Gano in Beijing,Perfect missed。