In fact, Xia Jian knew better,He is a playful,And Ouyang Hong is a serious person,They really can’t be together,Not even passersby。Because once they get together,If we separate again,Public opinion outside will definitely say that the CEO of the entrepreneurial group slept with the deputy mayor of Pingdu。

This is great news。Xia Jian thought of this,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath。Yao Junli sat up straight,Smiled slightly:“The things you like don’t have to be possessed,But there are some things that you can’t even like,You have to take your measure,Otherwise just rumors can kill you“
“Hahahaha!I care about his shit like it or not,Have wine and women,I’m happy“Xia Jian was laughing,Finished the wine in the glass in one sip,Filled myself with another glass。
Red wine,This will show the nobility of wine,But Xia Jian is different,Every time he drinks wine, he is like beer,When you’re happy, it’s just a cup after cup,Until I let myself go。
Yao Junli’s dishes are very delicious,Xia Jian ate very happy,Just now Yao Junli made him feel a little uncomfortable as soon as Ouyang Hong in advance。But he just figured it out。There are so many beautiful and capable women in this world,Does he have to possess it??Isn’t that a big joke。
Xia Jian was laughing wildly,Pour red wine,In a while,Already empty two wine bottles。He Xia Jian drank most of these two bottles,Yao Junli didn’t drink much。
Good time is always short,Xia Jian only felt that he and Yao Junli didn’t have much time to sit down,But when his eyes floated over the clock on the wall,I found that it was more than one o’clock in the night。Fortunately, the single big courtyard where Yao Junli lives,There are no residents around,Otherwise he laughed so loudly,Will definitely cause dissatisfaction from others。
The power of red wine is slowly emerging,When Xia Jian just started,Unbuttoned first,Slowly it all solved,Come to the end,Take off directly,Naked torso。
Yao Junli smiled covering her mouth:“Where are you drinking red wine,It’s simply a waste of heaven。You are fighting baijiu like this。It’s so funny“Yao Junli smiled backwards,Flower branches trembling。
Xia Jian’s eyes were confused,Looking at Yao Junli’s charming body under his pajamas,Which desire in his body was awakened again。Put down the wine glass in his hand,He pounced forward,It’s like a hungry wolf pounces on the lamb。
Xia Jian is crazy,Has a scary side,He rudely tore off Yao Junli’s pajamas,Pressed her down hard。
Yao Junli at this time,Weak boneless,Let Xia Jian gallop on her。The heavy breath of the man is mixed with the tenderness of the woman*sound,Let this quiet night become frantic。
A ray of light came in through the curtains,Dry mouth and tongue made Xia Jian wake up from sleep,He stood up,I found myself sleeping in a comfortable Simmons bed。He only remembered that he and Yao Junli fell on the carpet with Yao Junli.,He doesn’t know how to get to bed。