A cold,A disabled。

A person appeared in the air,It is 阳,At this moment, in a rapid diveback,Murderous。
http://www.haobaojia.cn “Flame!”
Let everyone shock,Li Yang just arrived in front,Have not waiting for,Summer is like a punch, like a punch。
However, Li Yang did not hurt,The figure flashes and folds back,Just just simple test。
Next,Ghost noodles frown,The face is slightly greater than a bit,“What is going on。”
“Very uncommon。”Li Yang’s face is not very good,Being forced by the other party,Let his face unable to hang。
Not only them。
Many people also have similar ideas.。
If the other party is not intended to take the money,Tell three masters out of luck,Then put the power of Li Yang,No luck to achieve。
Recently,Everyone witnessed the powerful and terribleity of Li Yang。
“Hum!I don’t believe you have more evils.。”
Liyang face color,There is no rule of the body shape.,Make people can’t capture their orientation。
http://www.meilesc.cn But he is not near summer,Just constantly moving in the surroundings,People are dazzling。
One hand only has a thumb wide,Small finger,Thin like a cryoprepeal,It seems to cut the air,Attempt in the summer。
This is the trick of Li Yang,Even when you just have three youth masters in one person,Not made out。
And now, it is not hesitant to the summer.。
After all, the other party just fell.,Let Li Yang feel threatened。
His eyes kill flash,The corner of the mouth is a cold and vicious smile。
But the next moment。
Summer is still in a messy punch,I actually took the flying knife and took out.。
Li Yang became color for the first time。
Under the heart。
At this time,The ghost face is also shot.。
His mouth is anger,Heavy feet on the feet,Way like a wind,Pulling in the summer,Surveying is under,The hurricane is in the body.。
“锵锵 锵 锵!”
Five fingers of the ghost,Like five iron columns,Airflow high-speed circulation,It is the hole to be worn by the iron board.,More flesh and blood。
Strong momentum makes many people discolored,Especially some ordinary people,Directly by this airweight,Surse trembling。
However,Summer performance is again stunned,A pair of arms are scratched,Left-sealing right block,It seems like a wolf,It is effective to fight all the ghosts.