Purple Bear,Thick skin and strong defense,Terrible power。Even the ninth-level dragon may be slapped into meatloaf,The only weakness is‘Moving speed’Slower。But his attack speed is still extremely amazing。It can be regarded http://www.11yiyi.cn as extremely powerful among the nine-level monsters。Nineth-level fighters dare not resist,Hard resistance is basically death!

“Peng!”The bear paw slaps the ground with a deep sound,The ground trembles,The ground within a dozen meters around the pair of bear paws was completely shattered。
Wright dodges a slap in embarrassment with a subtle body,At the same time raise the spear,The same smash。
A spear howled,Hit the purple-stranded black bear in the slap with a terrifying explosive force!
“Hoo~~”The purple-striped black bear retreats in pain,A pair of eyes looked at Wright suspiciously。On strength,It ranks first among the five nine-level warcraft,The strong muscles and fur on the body also have a strong defense,It’s equivalent to that green snake,This means it is quite comparable after using those weird methods!However, this human shot,It feels that the bone in its left arm is completely broken,Don’t think about it in three or five months。But this human,Obviously weak,how is this possible!
The rather stupid purple bear is still thinking,Wright won’t give it time,Slipped feet,A second shot,Stabbed it fiercely in the leg,The bones of the legs are stronger,Not completely interrupted。But it also fell to the ground in pain。
Just when Wright intends to win and pursue,As a result, this purple bear,Suddenly the body stagnates,Go back,A huge fireball burned his original location to ashes。
Look up,The huge fire dragon king has fiery red scales,The flames faintly surround the body,Another bite of dragon flame‘Fireball’Call。
Wright did not dodge,The fire element swells around me slightly,When the fireball approaches,A slight deflection,Fireball passing by!This is spiritual element control,Achieved by magic‘Elemental resonance’Level state。In addition to less powerful,This is already an ordinary sanctuary magician’s method。
The same fireball floats from Wright’s side,Lurking aside,The hexapod crocodile who wants to penetrate http://www.lvgenhai.cn from the ground to face this is equivalent to the eighth level of fire magic‘Burst Fireball’,The scales are burnt black,Also had a boring loss!
suddenly,Wright feels cold on his back,Seven-level vindictive body and jade level‘Guardian of the Earth’Be broken open one after another,Three blood stains were left on the back instantly!
Wright rolls a donkey,Dodge the claws of successive attacks!
No more than two meters long,Very elegant fork-tailed civet standing on a rock and looking down at itself。
Just now it’s speed,Let Wright have no time to hide,But the attack power is slightly weaker!
Fork-tailed civet licking paw,Wagging tail,The human strength is indeed weird,It’s reasonable to say that the attack power is so strong,Physical defense should not fear your own harm,It was only intended to harass,Its minions attack,It’s not http://www.hlddh.cn particularly powerful in the eighth level of Warcraft,It’s magic,But this human being can even deflect the fireball of the Fire Dragon King,And its magic is slightly inferior to that of the Fire Dragon King。But what she is best at,Is the speed。
Wright stared at the fork-tailed civet,Take another look at the Fire Dragon King who is ready to go in the air,And climb out of the ground,Hexapod deer waiting for an opportunity to attack,Suddenly proud。
This threat,How long hasn’t seen,Half a year or three months,Since I realized a trace of the law,Create‘Flame style’Rear,How long have I not encountered this threat?。