NCAA Finals-Okafor trapped Raiders Allen rescues Duke University for the fifth time _1

NCAA Finals-Okafor trapped Raiders Allen rescues Duke University for the fifth time
On April 7th, Beijing time, the annual NCAA college basketball finals opened in Indianapolis. Duke University, a traditional prestigious school, defeated the University of Wisconsin 68-63. The team won the NCAA championship for the fifth time.  Duke University is led by a famous coach K, who is also the head coach of the American men’s basketball team.This is the fifth time Lao K won the NCAA championship.  Duke’s star Jahill Okafor surrounded the fouls, but still played well at the crucial moment, scoring 10 points and 3 rebounds.Guard Tyrus Jones had 23 points and 5 rebounds, and Justis Winslow had 11 points and 9 rebounds.Greenson Allen who came off the bench became a hero, contributing 16 points.  Wisconsin held up at the last minute, Frank Kaminsky had 21 points and 12 rebounds, Nigel Hayes had 13 points and Sam Dekel had 12 points and 8 rebounds.Okafor made a layup and Allen sent the ball to Duke University to win the championship trophy. In the Rockets playoffs, Duke went smoothly.As the seed team in the Southern District, they eliminated San Diego State University and Gonzaga University, and in the semi-finals, victory over Michigan State University, easily entered the final.  The University of Wisconsin is not so smooth.As the seed team of Western Europe, they only won single digits in the round of 16 and quarterfinals.In the semi-finals, they faced the undefeated college in the season. After 56-60 in the second half, they finally reversed with a wave of 15-4.  In this year’s regular season, the two teams also met, Duke University easily won 80-70.Once again met in a narrow road, in the finals of the game, Wiscondon not only wants revenge, but also to win the cup, a 74-year old dream of the team.  Duke University’s leading center Okafor is a popular candidate for the top pick, but he is strictly guarded and does not have many opportunities.More than 70,000 spectators cheered at the scene, and in their roar, the two sides played indistinguishable.  After playing nearly half in the first half, Okafor dunked twice, but this opportunity is rare next.However, Allen and others who came off the bench performed well. With 8 minutes and 57 seconds left in the first half, Cook made a layup and Duke led 21-16.  The University of Wisconsin’s Kaminsky is also a popular draft. He did well. He had 4 minutes and 47 seconds in the first half. He made a layup and caused a foul. He even scored 3 points with a penalty. They scored 24-23 more than.  At the end of the halftime, the two sides became 31-31.  Kaminsky and Decker succeeded in making layups. After the second half started, Wisconsin gained a 38-3 advantage.Duke’s bench player Allen became the leader, making free throws.With 10 minutes and 42 seconds left in the game, Jones scored 3 points in a row with a penalty and chased the score to 50-51.  Duke had a good chance of equalizing several times.With 7 minutes and 46 seconds left in the game, Winslow easily made a layup after the breakthrough, and even replaced the hit, Duke still trailed 52-54.With 7 minutes and 05 seconds left in this section, Jones has the personal ability to make an emergency stop jumper hit and finally get the score 54-54.Allen then forced a layup, the ball turned a bit and entered, Duke overtake.  Okafor now has four fouls on his body. If he commits another foul, he will end up having to sit on the sidelines and rest.Kaminsky hit hard under the basket, Wisconsin scored 4 points in a row, leading again with 58-56.  With 4 minutes and 09 seconds left in the game, Jones fell to the ground after an outside shot, but still made a three-pointer for Duke. They took the lead again, and the competition between the two sides was more intense.  Okafor returned to the field. When there were 3 minutes and 14 seconds left in the game, he turned around and forced to fight. Kaminsky had to hug him. Unexpectedly, Okafor still shot forcefully and hit a foul, althoughMissing the penalty, Duke still led 61-58.  Okafor was almost suppressed by Kaminsky.After returning to the court, he finally made a name for himself.After that, he grabbed an offensive rebound and made it easy.  Wisconsin missed consecutive shots, Duke victorious.With 1 minute and 24 seconds left in the game, Jones used Okafor’s cover to make a three-pointer shot, and Duke led by 8 points with 66-58.  Wisconsin also color, Kaminsky made a three-pointer.Hayes dunked with 50 seconds left in the game and Wisconsin chased the score 63-66.  With 35 seconds left in the game, Jones made two free throws and Duke led 68-63.Although Winslow missed two free throws since then, Wisconsin missed consecutively, failing.  Coach K has won the championship again since 2010, and he is excitedly embracing his team.(Angkor)