Chapter two thousand seven hundred and thirty-five What kind of choices and decisions

Shen Ruoxi’s heart is tangled secretly;Le Hai,How long will it continue to be the leader??People like Li Hai,Isn’t it over if you shoot it?,What are you entangled with him endlessly?!Almost entangled Xiao Yuer’s life!
the first time;Shen Ruoxi hates someone like this!
But I hate it,This matter,Cannot be resolved by her personal will,She herself knows this very clearly。
Qin Liang and the four others,Sitting in the police car that Yang Shiyun and Meizi drove,Drove all the way to the city bureau……
“plum,Xiaoyun,I will tell you two again;Must restrain your emotions and temper,Work is work,During the interrogation of the prisoner,Don’t bring in your personal emotions,That would definitely be bad。”
Yang Shiyun hesitated for a moment,I still reminded Meizi and Liu Xiaoyun again,no way,These two little guys are too restless,Liu Xiaoyun is better,Plum is just a“firecracker”!And other firecrackers are just fired,She’s the kind that doesn’t light up!
Meizi and Liu Xiaoyun agreed in unison。
Qin Liang, who drove, wanted to follow them,But think again,Talking too much is bad,This kind of thing,It can only be done with a quick mention,Talking too much will make the two little girls unhappy……So he swallowed what he wanted to say back into his stomach。
“correct,Xiaoyun,Li Hai is so proactive and anxious to ask us to explain the problem,We all guessed that he would make an offer with us,Guess it,What conditions might he make with us?”
Yang Shiyun changed the subject,Obviously Qin Liang just thought of the problem,She also thought about it。
“The most likely condition is to survive,But i don’t think。”