This is not the same as getting the information from the Internet。

Not too much,Is a more detailed description of some of the situation of the closure of the building,Including how the staff tested,What kind of restrictions。
of course,In the article, he did not make any attacks on these things,Praised instead。
Only this severe measure,So that everyone has a greater sense of security。
In such a severe situation,In such a dangerous environment,Disobey the rules of blockade,What kind of personal freedom is still clamoring,That is purely sick。
Liu Qing won’t think like that,Don’t dare to think like that。
This public account article,I wrote four or five thousand words。
This is not fiction,Just describe it truthfully。
How fast is typing,How fast you can write。
As a man who used to mix four full-time jobs at the same time,Liu Qing’s typing speed can be called a fast。
Four to five thousand words out,Which is one hour。
After coding,Twisted his neck,Stand up and move your body,Leave the bedroom and go to the living room,Open the refrigerator in the living room,I took a can of Red Bull out to boost my spirit。
He found that Jiang Li’s bedroom door was an open light,Photographed from the bedroom,Let him imagine。
——What does it mean?
——Intentionally leave this door,Waiting for me to go in?
——Really can’t tell,A girl so pure in appearance,So coquettish in my heart。