And the Linghui Po at the center of the eyebrows,The wisdom of the flesh,Can even control the opening and closing of the gods,The old evildoer used his spiritual power to plant an inducement trap here,The more excited and angered,The trap will go deeper,Finally reached the gods,Affect the transfer of spiritual consciousness,Once managed to remove this trap,It is likely to induce the collapse of the trap formation,So as to permanently close the gods,Extremely insidious。

After repeatedly checking all the hidden dangers of the flesh,Li Tianzhen is convinced that there are no other loopholes,He dare to move his body,But there is a rough framework for these hidden dangers in my mind,Can’t help but fear,Follow this framework,He was almost restricted to a patient,Severe patients who are almost unable to care for themselves,Such as not being angry,Can’t force,Can’t mobilize divine consciousness frequently, etc.,This old evildoer is really dark。
The eye of insight can only find problems,But can’t solve the problem,It’s time for the Focus Chapter to work,But Li Tianzhen’s understanding of the supernatural power of concentration is only general,Far less than the eye of insight,It takes a lot of time,Fortunately, the old evildoer was severely injured by the black dragon spear that was transformed into a black crystal.,I’m afraid I can’t take care of him right now,The most urgent thing is to try to eliminate the prohibition of the center,Then leave this dark space,Try to clear other hidden dangers slowly。
Li Tianzhen took out three small golden dolls from the black scroll,Bite finger,Drop three drops of blood into the back of each doll,Then the puppets are distributed on the side of the body as a protector,He is about to enter deep meditation,Even if the old evildoer has no time to do evil,The preachers around it will not let go of this great opportunity for harm,Caution is necessary。
The doll is a strange treasure made by Yuwen Qiutong with god gold before his death,Each has magical powers that are not weaker than the true God,And the three dolls are linked by formation,Can fight alone or help each other,After dripping blood to recognize the Lord, it will be even more powerful,Communion,Eliminates most rigid pattern vulnerabilities,Let Li Tianzhen arbitrarily drive,No matter how fierce the preacher is, he can’t compete with the dolls equivalent to the three true gods。
Everything is ready,Li Tianzhen quickly entered meditation,But never get into the state,Because there is a problem in the Godzang,Specifically, there is a fierce battle going on in the Nantian Gate on the sky.,One side is the palm print,The other is naturally Venerable Mars。
The reason is that Li Tianzhu killed the toad god,This is a piece of***,But it was used very well by Venerable Palm Print,The reason seems extremely legitimate,Toad is arrogant,Disrespect to the new master,Even suspected of making trouble,But not dying,Li Tianzhen was killed on the spot without a chance to distinguish.,The purpose is to think of Liwei,Its overbearing、Brutality is obvious to all,Prove its evil nature、Brutal,Not suitable for being a new master,When!
Venerable Huo Xing doesn’t think so,Li Tianzhen was recognized by the old palace owner,I won’t allow everyone to be jealous,His method is a little too late,But in extraordinary times,Dangsu Shigenen,Toad is not good at heart,Die well,Through countless such distressing situations before,Palace Master Huoyan’s methods are even worse,Who objected?
Order prohibition,This is the consistent style of the Huoyan Temple,I’ve never seen your palmprints raise any objections,Just the opposite,In front of the old palace lord,Your palm print master often acts as an executioner,Why didn’t someone jump out and poke your spine?The same means,Used by the old palace owner,The new owner can’t use it,What logic?
Venerable Palmprints cursed Venerable Huoxing’s cartilage,subservient,Venerable Huo Xing asked back,Abandon the new master,Is it rebellious??Who is the new master?Is it your palm print master??How do you lead everyone out of trouble?I was the first to refuse!
The two venerables get more and more quarrelsome,Supporters on both sides also quickly pointed their fingers、Attack each other,Just like water and fire,In the end, he really fought,Except for the master of palmprint,The other supporters on both sides are equally strong,Ping pong for a time,The world broke。
Many neutral gods,Including Fire Pig、Yanhuo Phoenix and others originally wanted to persuade,But I found that both sides had a real fire,I had to hide far away,I’m really afraid that the red-eyed guy will explode,Once or twice,The Tiangong seal may still hold up,Too much is over,No one can escape the doom of becoming powder。
“You just watch?”In the blue space deep in my mind,The big eye built by the square array appeared again,He is the incarnation of God of War,It is difficult for his body to be complete due to unspeakable reasons,So under the severe turbulence of space,He is more sensitive。
“Do you go up and kill two more?”
“What can’t?”
“Intensification of contradictions,May not solve the problem。”
“Then you just consume,Never want to get out of trouble。”
“You don’t have to provoke me,If you really worry about me,Why not do me a favor?”