Xia Jian regrets it,But what use is this?

Suddenly, Brother Biao, who was standing by the pit, asked sharply:“Who is?Drive them away“
“Brother Biao!Is the police,Already coming here,That’s too late“A nervous voice came。
Brother Biao standing by the pit listened,Can’t help being furious,He has no anger,Raise your foot sharply,Pushed the dirt on the edge of the pit into the big pit。Xia Jian hurriedly yelled:“Head down!http://www.tyxlsh.cn
I just heard the sound of messy footsteps outside Da Hang,Then there were gunshots,Maybe Biao brother resisted arrest。Hear the noise outside。Xi Zhen cried with joy,She shook Xia Jian’s arm,Crying:“President Xia!We are saved,Our danger is finally relieved”
“President Xia!Are you all right!We will save you right away“Heiwa came out from nowhere,He crawled on the edge of the big pit and shouted inside。
Fang Fang said coldly:“Hurry down,That’s so nonsense“
Three people were rescued soon。It turns out that Heiwa and Dragon Ball brought more than a dozen security guards and arrived here,Just when they were looking aimlessly all over the mountains。The special police from Bucheon City Bureau are here,With Xiao Hei’s assistance。The police locked the target in this broken courtyard。
Soon they found,There are still activities in this broken http://www.cndscf.cn house。Finally, I saw a plume of smoke rising up,So Heiwa rushed here with the police。
People are saved,But Brother Biao didn’t catch it,He took a few uninjured brothers,Got into the big forest。The police have asked for support,May have to search for mountains。
Spent more than a day in the mountains,Xia Jian thinks this is longer than a year,He almost collapsed。Fortunately, Heiwa thought well,I brought three stretchers when I came。Xia Jian didn’t care about any face,Just lie down。
Beginning with Xia Jian,Fang Fang and Xi Zhen couldn’t hold it long ago,They both got on the stretcher。
After going out of the mountain,Heiwa and Dragon Ball took care of the three of them after they got in the car,Heiwa immediately called Wang Lin,The instructions received are,Immediately sent the three people to the First People’s Hospital of Bucheon。
Actually Xia Jian didn’t want to go back to Buchuan,He felt that he would be fine as long as he had a good sleep when he returned to Pingdu,But since Wang Lin has arranged it,,He doesn’t say much,After all, there are Wang Lin and Xi Zhen。