“What’s the foreigner?Can not engage in racial discrimination!That’s not right!”

The male assassin protested。
“Don’t talk nonsense!No one discriminates against us,Don’t think about it,Let me talk about it when I turn around and ask my master。”
Luna calmed down her companion。
“You turn around and talk to your master,We also want to have such a ceremony,After all, can join the Dragon Soul Organization,Become a dragon soul warrior,Is a very proud and proud thing。”
The male killer is still fighting for it。
“Ok,I will tell my master,Don’t worry。”
Luna nodded and agreed……
“Formal things are not important,As long as you know that you are also a Dragon Soul Warrior。”
The other male killer said so deeply。
“No no no,In my opinion form and content,All equally important!I think there is such a ritual,Can make me more mission and……Sense of responsibility,I care about these。”
The first male killer argued for reason。
“OK OK,You two shouldn’t be arguing,I said it before,I’ll talk to my master later,Alright?Shut your mouth and look good。”Luna decisively ended the argument between the two partners……But in fact, her heart has already been itched,Different from other dragon soul fighters,Because of their special status,Is a foreigner,So they care about these superficial things,Because that can make
They feel that they have truly integrated into the whole family of Dragon Soul troops。
That is a kind of spiritual psychological need。
“These female dragon soul fighters are so young,If I didn’t know their identities for sure,It’s hard to believe that they are the one who wins more with less,One hundred defeated the 3,000 special forces。”